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Original Gamer Life Joins The DeFi Gaming Coalition!

Today is a big day for the Defi Gaming Coalition as we forge another ground-breaking connection with the help of our partners here at the DGC. The alliances we’re forming are aimed at establishing an ecosystem in which DeFi services may be presented to a wider audience through the gaming industry, thereby resulting in quicker and larger adoption. Today we bring in a partner who will further strengthen the nexus between conventional and crypto gaming and that is, Original Gamer Life (OGL)!

It is a thriving-as-a-Service social impact community for gamers. OGL is open to everyone, but it especially focuses on individuals in high-stress jobs and under-served communities who need the utmost help cultivating a healthy and wealth-generating lifestyle.

What is Original Gamer Life?

OGL is a Thriving-as-a-Service platform that allows gamers to improve their overall physical, emotional, and financial well-being by playing games. It encourages behaviors that improve mental and physical health, as well as offer monetary incentives and strong community with family ties. On the OGL platform, they supply information, services, events, and programmes to OGs via their partners, who use the digital economy driven by the $OGL token and extended by StrongNode blockchain enabled technology. Users will be able to earn $OGL and $SNE when utilizing the apps for Original Gamer Life. The OGL marketplace allows gamers to purchase games, skins, premium services, and NFTs related to gaming that will have functionality across multiple projects connected to it.

Individually and collectively, video games have the ability to bring people together and give engaging experiences. OGL is dedicated to improving the lives of gamers in high duress sectors and underserved communities by providing a platform for them to thrive through innovation and technology. They collaborate with thought leaders, content creators, service providers, and communities who share their goal of providing enjoyable, healthy, and financially rewarding gaming and entertainment experiences.

Who are the OGs?

Under the high duress sector, these OGs would be personnel involved in Current and Former Military Services, Emergency Response Services or Healthcare Workers. Among the underserved sectors, these OGs consist of Older Gamers, Professional Gamers or Disabled Gamers. Other OGs joining ranks include those friends and family who are a part of the overall support network. This platform has been co-founded by US Air Force Major (retired) Brandon Sivret who strives to assist these OGs with physical, mental, and financial issues through stress management, healthy lifestyles, e-learning, passive incomes, and coping mechanisms using Video Games as a unifying platform.

Original Gamer Life LINKS

Website | Twitter| Telegram

What is the DeFi Gaming Coalition?

A legion of innovators, technical geniuses, gaming fanatics, and DeFi experts, it is our ambition to merge DeFi’s uniqueness with the gaming world. By the gamification of DeFi’s liquidity, and by using groundbreaking technology and products such as NFTs, we wish to grow the DeFi industry to a point where it reaches mass acceptance and scalability.

We promote the research of new protocols, services, and products in the DeFi and NFT sectors by promoting innovative efforts, bridging the gap between projects, and laying focus on security. The goal is to form a strong and robust ecosystem, consisting of dozens of projects at the intersection between industries, with talent hailing from across the globe. In order to provide a headstart for new projects, our gates are wide open to welcome new projects, as well as providing the means to establish solid partnerships between existing projects.

The DGC is fostering and supporting the development of decentralized token-based economies for gaming enthusiasts that’s been lurking just around the corner for years. In this manner, gamers can not only answer their hunger for competition, but also enjoy modern financial services, utilize the many benefits of NFT technology for in-game items and collectibles, and earn lucrative rewards.

Want to learn more?

The DeFi Gaming Coalition will remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Want to learn more, and join the coalition? Head over to our site at



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