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AnRKey X’ Public Beta Test Launch (Design from Battle Wave 2323 Team Select Interface Page)

UPDATE: 4/16/21: Over 15,500 registered users signed up for the Battle Wave 2323 Public Beta Testing! The 50 winning #AnRKistArmy Founders have been chosen and the Public Beta Testing starts on April 26th, 2021!

Ask our community admins in our official Telegram for more details here.

As many of you may already know, AnRKey X has invited its community members to SIGN UP for our PUBLIC BETA TEST LAUNCH of BATTLE WAVE 2323. Thousands of our community registered only in the first week! These are figures that we wouldn’t have dreamed of when we first started working on the game. Yet, the belief in our project continues and the number of signups keeps increasing by the day one of the most anticipated DeFi & NFT Games yet! It’s for this reason that we wish to offer a bit more clarity regarding the rewards we’ve been promising to those signing up.

Battle Wave 2323 Aftermarket Interface

Public Beta Test Launch Signup Rewards Breakdown
Signing up to PUBLIC BETA TEST LAUNCH of BATTLE WAVE 2323 will not only give you exclusive access to Beta Test, but participants will also be able to WIN:

  • $1337 worth of $ANRX
  • Highly rare and valuable FOUNDER ACHIEVEMENT NFTs worth $539 each! These NFTs will also unlock EPIC EXCLUSIVE features.

50 winners will be randomly chosen to receive the highly rare and powerful FOUNDER ACHIEVEMENT NFTs worth $539 each! These NFTs give winners EXCLUSIVE access to beta test Battle Wave 2323 and much more explained in detail below. 1 of the 50 winners will ALSO receive $1,337 worth of $ANRX airdropped!

Founder Achievement NFTs
The Founder Achievement NFTs’ value of $539 is calculated based on our innovative NFT Derived Base Value technology that is also tied to our $ANRX token price. This means that as the price of our $ANRX token grows and more users play our DeFi games so does the value of this NFT!

The Founder Achievement NFTs also unlock the EPIC EXCLUSIVE FEATURES:

1. The Founder Achievement NFTs will let you join AnRKey X Founder’s club! This means you’ll gain access to an exclusive private community channel with the AnRKey X founding team as its members. In the AnRKey X Founder’s club channel, you will be the first to receive exciting and private news, while it also enables you to directly communicate with the AnRKey X founders yourself. In short, you will truly be in the exclusive private circle!

2. The Founder Achievement NFT also has the exclusive feature of unlocking access to the public beta test of Battle Wave 2323. This access is only granted to a limited number of our community members!

3. The Founder Achievement NFT will flex your status on the rest of the community. We will give you a custom founder profile pic for your Telegram and Discord accounts upon announcements of the winners, AND a special Founder Achievement badge in your Battle Wave 2323 user profile. Founder Achievement Badge gives you major bragging rights!

4. The Founder Achievement NFTs also have the highest Rarity and Power scores you can get in our NFT Collectables. So don’t forget, you can also stake your valuable collectible NFTs in our games to unlock even higher APY rewards and additional game functionality. You can learn more about our AnRKey X Universe Sidechain NFT Collectibles line and see how calculations are quantified.

We hope this article has gotten those who’ve already signed up all fired up! Haven’t signed up yet? YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE!

Team Vanguards Dashboard

You can sign up by email or directly with our Telegram AnRKey X chatbot that we will keep you informed with for all important information about your rewards! If you choose to sign up with our Telegram chatbot please press START once redirected to Telegram to make sure you receive your welcome message!

But be quick, we’ll be closing sign-ups soon before the Public Beta Test launch!

Please always verify the link to our official AnRKey X Bot:

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