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The AnRKey X™ Power Up Staking Charge Base

This background image design is actually the AnRKey X™ Oracle from our Battle Wave 2323™ Game Story that all the Pool Armies are fighting for! 👾 The Oracle was seized by “The Entity” in The Great Oracle War of 2023!

The AnRKey X™ Power Up Staking Charge Base’s gates open on Sunday December 20th at 12:00 PM UTC!

This is ONLY a 7 day staking contribution period with caps on each pool so choose your Power Up Staking Level quickly!

Staking CLOSES on December 27th at 12:00 PM UTC!

Staking page is live on our official website make sure to get there fast before its full!

Releasing The AnRKey X™ Power Up Staking Charge Base

Attention all #AnRKistArmy Whoaaaaa…what are you folks doing to us? We’ve just finished our public sale with Dao Maker and oversubscribed 8.5x times! You #AnRKists value staked over $30 million to get a piece of those sweet $ANRX Arcade Coins. Since you all like staking, lay back and take a deep breath; we got something in store for you!

Wait, what’s AnRKey X™?

Clearly, you’ve been hiding in your cave for a while now. It’s time to get out. Bitcoin just broke it’s all-time high, so the real hype train is about to depart. The first thing you’ll notice when digging in some groups on Telegram, hopping on Crypto Twitter, or scrolling through Medium is the AnRKey X™ hype that’s building up. We’ve seen our community grow with hundreds by the day, but still, some folks might feel left out. They’re wondering: what the #$% is AnRKey X? Let us tell you a little story.

Throughout decades of gaining experience, we at AnRKey X™ found ways to spot real innovation — DeFi, eSports, Web 3.0 NFT’s — three terms that make up for entire industries dying for a bridging factor. The recognized global leaders behind AnRKey X™ found each other with the aim to solve the same problem and pursue an ever-growing market. As they sAy…when genius minds collide, gems are born. The time of food coins, rug pulls, and useless shitcoins are over. It’s time for a genuinely revolutionizing platform, AnRKey X™.

AnRKey X is a gDEX protocol, short for Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange based on ethereum with L2 integrations with our partners Matic Network. A mouthful of words that collaboratively create an understanding of the potential of the project. The protocol aims to enable full-scale real gaming industry interactive games based around DeFi mining systems, rewarding players with the rarest NFT’s around. The beauty of it all, AnRKey X’s core is a genuine game studio combined with an NFT art studio.

We have a bunch more to tell, but we promised to bring you some juice about staking…

Power Up Staking Charge Base

We’re in the world of DeFi, right? That means high yields, farming, liquidity pools, you name it. The process is simple, you stake your tokens in a contract, and you collect it after a set period with interest. These days it’s called farming, but it all started with staking. Staking provides interest to investors, secures the network, and takes the staked coins out of circulation. WIN-WIN-WIN if you ask us! Or, like Charlie Sheen says “Winning” . As you can see in our website, games stories and characters — and even Battle Wave 2323™ Beta version (v1.37)…we like the number three. That’s why we’re not launching one… not two… but THREE Power Up Staking levels as part of our AnRKey X Staking Charge Base!

The foundation of our staking Charge Base goes back years when staking technology was still a dull concept. Over the course of the past two years, we’ve been at the forefront of the revolution that staking has gone through. Throw away your Raspberry Pi’s, the self-constructed nodes, and whatnot. Staking your $ANRX Arcade Coins is as easy as doing what all you degens love the most: trading on Uniswap. Through our web-based Power Up Staking Charge Base, you connect your wallet, deposit your tokens, and directly see your annual yield. It’s easy, flexible, and rewarding.

The reality is, as just with being courageous to take chances and conquer your dreams and the world in your life’s “Hero’s Journey”—staking is not for everyone. Which level can you handle?

Infamous — Power Up Staking Level

We start with the newly recruited soldiers. Those soldiers ready to conquer the land and mark their place in the infantry with super boosted social cred and become Infamous.

Legendary — Power Up Staking Level

After that, we have the few heroes who have conquered enough battles where their names echo through the eons of battlefields. As a result of their heroic acts, they will receive ultra power boosted rewards becoming Legendary.

God Mode — Power Up Staking Level

We want to conclude with the select few, the most skilled and fearless leaders harnessing pieces of the Oracle’s powers to command entire nations. The immortal ones will receive the ultimate boost power and rise to the heavens above to reach God Mode.

The real question here is: Do you think you have what it takes?

This background image design is actually the AnRKey X™ Oracle from our Battle Wave 2323™ Game Story that all the Pool Armies are fighting for! 👾 The Oracle was seized by “The Entity” in The Great Oracle War of 2023!

We have 3 Power Up Staking Boost Levels on our Charge Base

Level 1: InfamousSuper boost your soldier social cred in your army and become Infamous!

Cap: 1,250,000 $ANRX

Days until maturity: 90

Days of mandatory lock: 90

APY on maturity: 25%

Level 2: Legendary Conquer like a hero with ultra power-boosting becoming Legendary!

Cap: 1,250,000 $ANRX

Days until maturity: 180

Days of mandatory lock: 90

APY on early reward: 15%

APY on maturity: 45%

Level 3: God Mode Become immortal with ultimate boost power and reach God Mode!

Cap: 500,000 $ANRX

Days until maturity: 365

Days of mandatory lock: 180

APY on early reward: 35%

APY on maturity: 80%

Did someone say NFT ACHIEVEMENTS and EXCLUSIVE POWER BADGE TITLES? gets even better! We just showed you how our Power Up Staking Pools are the best way to earn massive long term rewards in $ANRX.

eSports requires competition, so with the 3 Power Up Staking Boost reward Levels on our Charge Base, not only can you choose your Power Boost staking reward level of God Mode, Legendary, or Infamous by picking the staking term level that’s right for you, BUT we’re excited to announce:

In addition to the huge rewards, ALL users that stake in the pools below ALSO earn an exclusive user POWER BADGE TITLE in Battle Wave 2323™ and all future games we release during these term lengths with their staking Power Level. This special badge gives you MAJOR bragging rights within our games you play with other users and our whole AnRKey X community. This Power Up badge will unlock special privileges for you in the future as well.

If you unstake early, your badge will disappear, but stake and Power Up for the whole term…AND you will also unlock and receive an EXCLUSIVE highly rare and valuable AnRKey X “Achievement NFT” for the ultimate degen bragging rights, forever! You can hold this NFT for as long as you want while it grows in price, or you can auction it off after and make a profit.

Welcome to the #AnRKistsArmy and Power up to #GodMode #Legendary #Infamous

When can I start playing?

So, we’re giving our #AnRKistArmy community investors the chance to earn an annual yield of up to 80% while taking out 3 million $ANRX of circulation, which is 1.5% of our total supply. Besides these $ANRX Arcade Coins (tokens), our management team $ANRX Arcade Coins (tokens) are locked for one year, taking away even more $ANRX Arcade Coins (tokens) from the circulating supply. We always are looking out for our community and giving it our all to make this work!

The Power Up Charging is opening up soon, very soon. When you ask?

The AnRKey X™ Power Up Staking Charge Base’s gates open on Sunday December 20th at 12:00 PM UTC!

This is ONLY a 7 day staking contribution period so choose your Power Up Staking Level quickly!

Staking CLOSES on December 27th at 12:00 PM UTC!

We’re more than excited to present this opportunity and feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of messages we’ve received so far from our community. Honestly, we’re just getting started. We’re here to disrupt. To break that cycle of the 1% increasing their wealth while everyone’s sucking it up at their day job.

If you didn’t know…the “Key” in AnRKey X™ stands for “my keys — not yours” which is the spirit of what DeFi is.

The current world we live in is a rigged system created by the top 1% elite and governments that can print trillions of dollars out of thin air, and where players or should we say “Pawns” are trained and brainwashed to act in order and believe they can win, when in fact it’s impossible because of the controlling centralized manipulating powers — that’s why we created this DeFi and Web 3.0 NFT Utopia games universe. The AnRKey X™ Power Up Staking Charge Base is part of this universe.

This is the basis of what AnRKey X™ stands for and where we continue on carrying the torch where Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, an anarchist himself left off. Our utopian world gives everyone the fair opportunity to play to win, and when you win here — you win big.

We’re here to revolutionize lives, bring happiness to the crypto spheres, and finally build the Future of DeFi and NFTs gaming bringing DeFi as a whole to the masses.

It’s time — are you ready to POWER UP?


BEFOR YOU GO! — Trading is open now Uniswap and Bithumb global!

🚀We have been #1 on Bithumb Global Top Gainers AND #2 on DEXTools since we listed $ANRX yesterday December 18th!


📈Trade on Bithumb HERE >>

📈Trade on Uniswap HERE >>

🔎Listing Announcement Link:

🚨READ our full tokenomics HERE!

BEWARE: to prevent buying scam coins on Uniswap, please ALWAYS double check the $ANRX Uniswap Pool and $ANRX token contract address!

Uniswap Pool Address:

$ANRX Contract address:

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