The Cyber Rampage NFT Set — Utility Rewards of the Most EPIC Civil War

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Cyber Rampage NFT Set and Staking Pools

UPDATE Thurs. March 18th 5:15am UTC — A snapshot of the whitelisted NFT addresses was taken at 5am UTC today. All wallet addresses holding NFTs up to this time will get VIP ACCESS to the first 48 hours of staking.


After hitting #1 on Rarible and a huge partnership with Ferrum Network we’re at it again! Our GenSys.X NFT Set hit #1 on Rarible while being included instantly in Hot Collections (for 2 weeks straight) and Hot Bids. Because of the strength of our #AnRKistArmy community, we oversold the pre-sale by 2X at almost $450,000 and sold $200,000 with NO CELEBRITIES attached.

Even more notable, the GenSys.X secondary market sales hit up to $47,000 per NFT, a 13,602% increase from the original $343 per NFT price!

We know you have all been waiting so here it is…we are bringing you the first 2 NFTs of the new Cyber Rampage NFT Set.

Cyber Rampage is a 12 card set covering ALL top power and rarity levels of the AnRKey X NFT engine. Warlord and Gang Boss are the first 2 and the rarest and most powerful of this set! It gets even better than this. The Utility rewards are SUPER valuable and we launched the first of a kind in the industry!

Let’s get right into it…we can save the amazing stories of the characters in our AnRKEy X Universe later.

Did someone say exclusive VIP Access to 2 pools up to 100% APY?!

This time around we have TWO unique gamified staking pools — the first is the “Warlords” $ANRX Token Staking Pool with 80% APY, 1M token cap, and 45-day lock. The second is the “Gangsters$ANRX/ETH Liquidity Staking Pool with 100% APY, $250K cap of LP tokens, and 60-day lock. Both pools open exclusively to Cyber Rampage NFT holders (whitelisted) for the first 2 days! Both pools will open to the public right after and be open for 5 more days (7 days total for staking in pools). Our last pools with this high APY filled in 4 mins so grab your NFTs to join before the pools fill up!

The Utilities of Warlords and Gangsters NFTs and What Rewards You Will Receive?

  1. Unlock VIP ACCESS to the Warlord and Gangster Pools for the first 2 days before anyone else to guarantee you get all the rewards! There are no limits in staking even if you are whitelisted so Stake $ANRX in the “Warlords” pool and stake $ANRX/ETH LP token in the “Gangsters” pool. Add liquidity for the “Gangster” pool and get your LP tokens HERE!
  2. Automatically entered in a top DeFi influencer Lottery for 2 Warlord and Gangster NFT Cards airdropped to holders (follow our Twitter closely during sales week to see what influencers we retweet — must submit NFT wallet address and contact info to input form link provided in the tweet)
  3. Win Prizes of $1000 in $ANRX — The first 20 purchasers will win an airdropped $50 of $ANRX each. (**check back here once sales are live and submit your NFT wallet address and contact info into the input-form link we provide)
  4. Special Access to the AnRKey X Special Forces team (#AnRKistSF). A private discord channel of NFT and $ANRX holders that receive ALL news first — starts next week. (**check back here once sales are live and submit your NFT address and Discord username and email to input form link we provide)
  5. Discounts on purchased in-game APY boosting items and NFT marketplace of Battle Wave 2323 (launching very soon in Q1)
  6. 5 Extra Governance Voting Rights Points (these are extra voting rights points on top of what you already will receive for staking $ANRX — our governance staking is launching soon-TBD)
  7. Stake for APY rewards in our Battle Wave 2323 game launching Q1 2021 for an extra power boost by summoning these other game universe characters from our NFT card sets to support your team army to win the weekly battle!

How It Works: Users can continually stake our unique NFT cards in our game to receive APY rewards boost. So, the more NFT cards you collect in this set and any other set, the more you (and your team in our game) can stake for APY boosts in our game Battle Wave 2323 to win the weekly battle! Stake as many unique NFT cards as you can each week before total rewards run out!See how it works HERE

When Do Gangsters and Warlords NFTs Go On Sale and When Do the Pools unlock?

  • Sales start this Wednesday March 17th at 1pm UTC
  • Cyber Rampage is a set of 12 NFT game cards
  • Warlord and Gang Boss are the first 2 NFTs released of this set with 250 copies minted of each card
  • They are both the rarest and most powerful of this set — Mythic and Power Level 300,000 (APY)
  • A total of 500 cards minted will be sold on Rarible
  • Rarible Page: NFTs currently locked on When the sale starts they will move to the sale page
  • NFT Holders are whitelisted and it will Unlock VIP Access to both pools for the first 2 days
  • Pools Open for VIP Access on Thursday March 18th at 1pm UTC
  • ***There are no staking limits at any time for both pools. It’s first come first serve even for whitelisted NFT Holders so hurry fast
  • Pools open to public on Saturday March 20th at 1pm UTC for 5 more days. But…our last pools filed in 4 mins so it’s best not to wait!
  • Staking pools page is

***You must use the provided staking dashboard to stake in the pools — if you send money to the pool addresses directly, it will be locked forever and completely out of our control.

If you have questions, ask our admins in our official AnRKey X Telegram Channel

How to Play With our NFT Game Cards in Battle Wave 2323 —our upcoming DeFi NFT Game

Battle Wave 2323 lets players stake NFT cards for massive additional APY boosts based on the power level of each card. Each weekly battle in the game has a limited amount of APY available, so the first team to stake their cards quickly will dominate — you can stake 1 unique NFT game card per hour for the whole weekly game! Collect 20 NFT cards and stake all 20 each week!

If you’re lucky enough to have Mythic NFT cards (the rarest cards, with a power level of 300,000) you can earn 300,000 APY for each Mythic NFT card you stake during the game. But just like other card games — quantity can easily trump quality if you have lots of cards to play (of any rarity level).

You and each of your teammates can stake these cards each week unlimited and forever. AnRKey X has created the most valuable NFT utilities in history!

Stake NFTs for millions worth of APY boosts that push your team WAY over the top!

This is just one of the many super boosted APY NFT game functions in Battle Wave 2323. Also when new NFTs are released you can trade/sell your old ones P2P and purchase new ones!

Learn how to play with our NFT Game Cards HERE

Stay tuned for more game tips, and the release of the game later this month!

What are the Economics of the Cyber Rampage NFT set and ALL AnRKey X NFT Collectable Cards?

🔥 Think Pokemon-meets-Magic The Gathering, merged with DeFi tokenomics!

All our NFT collectable cards are calculated based on our proprietary Derived Base Value NFT engine that is also tied to our $ANRX token price. As the price of our $ANRX token grows and the more users that collect our NFT cards and play our DeFi games — so does the price and value of our NFT cards! A first-ever in this industry.

Learn more HERE

The Future of AnRKey X’s Collectible NFT cards and the Value to our Community!

AnRKey X is on the cutting edge of NFT utilities and DeFi gaming innovation — our proprietary “Derived Base Value” NFT engine enables a system that scales the market price and value of our NFT cards as our DeFi games and NFT economy scales. Within this economy, users are incentivized to collect, stake, and trade our NFT cards, trade our tokens, and play our DeFi yield generating games with our $ANRX Arcade Coin as a means of exchange.

Have You SIGNED UP to Participate in the Public Beta Test of Battle Wave 2323?

We have over 12,500 sign-ups already!

Sign up HERE for a chance to be the first to join our public beta test launch of Battle Wave 2323 this Q1 2021 and a chance to win $1337 and highly valuable NFT’s worth $539 each!

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