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AnRKey X™ Lightpaper | By: J.D. Salbego CEO, Founder & Art Director of AnRKey X™

Calling all DeFi reward-addicted degens, competitive eSports gamers, and NFT meme shillers alike — we’d like to introduce you to our revolutionary platform: AnRKey X™.

The present DeFi industry is rife with food !$&%-coins, anonymous scam coins, and other projects with no use cases. This shift towards flashy and impractical is a far cry from DeFi’s early days of complexity and boringness, but let’s be honest — both of these mindsets are setting the DeFi industry up for failure.

There ain’t no rug pulls by the scammer Oscar Mayer wieners and stale plastic 7–11 sushi only drunk bros eat after the bars let out at 3am.

This is real innovation, a real use case, and the REAL future of DeFi!

What on Earth is AnRKey X™?

AnRKey X™ believes that crypto shouldn’t be boring, complicated, or overworked. Some might call us anarchists for wanting to turn the DeFi industry on its head like this, but, we know that fun and functionality can coexist — and we’re going to prove it!

We dedicated months of research and development in our science lab to dream up the ultimate solution: our proprietary AnRKey X™ gDEX protocol which stands for — Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange. Our gDEX platform merges the worlds of DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), all powered by our native Ethereum-based $ANRX Arcade Coin.

Our gDEX protocol brings the groundbreaking potential to enable full-scale real gaming industry interactive games based around DeFi liquidity mining systems, incorporating in-game and collectible NFT marketplaces — all with virtual eSports DNA at every level.

At our core AnRKey X™ is a real game studio AND NFT art studio. We produce DeFi -based games and NFTs 24/7/365.

Our first game is an interactive eSports virtual team-based liquidity mining game that is going to change the face of the DeFi industry forever — you’ve NEVER seen a game like this before.

Our 3D graphics, character design, animations, and UI are at the level and quality of major game studios — but you don’t need a controller to play our game (at least not right now). We are a real game studio and our current games we are producing are web Dapps similar to top web-based games like Mafia Wars, Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, etc. You can play them on a standard computer with internet access and a web browser. The frontend is all built on Unity, which is the game industry standard technology and our backend is built on Ethereum Layer 2.

With our Web Dapp coming this quarter, we also have the mobile Dapp entering development soon, to be released mid-2021. We are also architecting our full DeFi and crypto console games based on our gDEX protocol for release at the end of 2021.

Quick side note: Btw check it out!

If you have VR headset out then slap them on and step into the AnRKey X virtual reality world! This is our official Tokyo headquarters — The AnRKey X Virtual NFT Art Gallery and Event space. We are integrating a purchase point where you purchase NFTs directly within our virtual NFT art gallery

We’ve done a couple events already in here last month. We just updated with the public sale info too!,634N

Okay, I’ll bite… what is this liquidity mining game?

AnRKey X™ plans to launch a suite of m$ports™ (short for “money sports”) game products to make the liquidity mining process more fun and easy, gamified through the use of unique NFTs that are 100% art and 100% utility (the way it should be).

Our first m$ports™ game product to roll out will be Battle Wave 2323™. In this game, we encourage users to perform liquidity mining by pitting them against each other in competing virtual Pool Armies, as they fight to generate the most liquidity and APY. With 9 teams, only one team will emerge with the crown, but unlike other games, everyone still wins.

AnRKey X™ Battle Wave 2323 ™User Value Flow

How do I play?

It’s easy — stake LP tokens from Uniswap into our Pool Armies, which are token liquidity pools. You’ll receive an annual percentage yield (APY) of $ANRX dependent upon a particular pool’s APY. Just choose your favorite coin paring, and then join your respective Pool Army:
(We use the top pools in Uniswap. As you’d expect, pools are subject to change as market dynamics change)


The game doesn’t stop there — we add more fun and better returns with the addition of a variety of in-game boosts.

You can stake our Sacred Relics NFTs (in addition to your LP staking) for a bonus in the liquidity pool yield. Furthermore, you can buy Arms Boosts, which act as upgrades, providing additional weekly returns.

Sacred Relics Packs and Arms Boosts are purchasable in the In-Game Marketplace (1 out of the 3 total marketplaces) on our gDEX. In a traditional war game, this would be like buying a game chest containing items that give you upgraded firepower. To add to the fun, we randomize how good the Sacred Relic Pack is — luck matters too!

As with any game, there has to be a winner — at the end of each bout of Battle Wave 2323™ (each bout or should we say “Battle” are weekly bouts that reset…it’s quite exciting why we do this — more on that later), there will be one winning Army, which had the most $ANRX distributed (total aggregated APY) to its users through Arms, Armaments, NFT staking, and the inherent yield of the liquidity pools.

But, wait — a game isn’t fun without a twist…

After this weekly Battle Wave 2323™ bout closes, all the team members of the winning Pool Army receive an $ANRX airdrop prize. BUT…it gets even better. A randomly chosen group of 9 winners from the winning Pool Army receive ultra-rare and ultra-valuable Golden Chalice NFTs. These are high-yielding power boosted NFTs that can be staked in next week’s game, offering for the largest possible boost in the game. You can also upgrade (similar to traditional game weapon upgrades) Golden Chalices with Armaments to boost up your APY rewards even more.

AnRKey X™ Universe NFTs Side-Chain Collectables Line — Teaser

How does it all work? Let’s take a deeper dive!


The AnRKey X™ protocol is rooted in fair and protective principles, utilizing derived base value non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to facilitate our game and proprietary Automated Economic Logic Models. Our games universe ecosystem is centered around our four types of rare and powerful NFTs:

***In this first medium article we will only touch on our in-game NFTs. We will be releasing more technical documentation soon on the other two just as exciting and innovative derived base value NFT models within our games universe.

AnRKey X™ In-Game NFTs

  • Sacred Relics — Non-upgradable NFTs that provide an additional boost to existing LP staking APY by staking the Sacred Relic NFTs. These Sacred Relics are purchasable with $ANRX tokens via Sacred Relic Packs. There’s only a specific number of Sacred Relics available at any given time.
  • Golden Chalices — 9 ultra-rare and ultra-valuable NFTs that are randomly distributed to the winning Pool Army participants. These NFTs are upgradeable through the purchase of Armaments that boost even further with $ANRX tokens.


Our proprietary gDEX protocol acts as the exchange for users to buy and sell the different NFTs on our platform, using $ANRX as currency. Our gDEX has three types of marketplaces, with our Beta release launching with the first two: (**technical documentation on the 3rd marketplace for our 2 other NFT models and how it works within the gDEX will be released soon)

  • The In-Game Marketplace to purchase Arms Boosts and Sacred Relic NFTs
  • The 48-hour Flash Sale Aftermarket to upgrade the winning team’s prize Golden Chalices NFTs (using unique boosts called Armaments), or buy, sell, trade, or even keep for staking in the next week’s game.

Our derived base value innovation in our NFT economic logic models automatically create vibrant markets with “true derived base value” instantly upon minting/creation. This token model is optimized so that $ANRX is consistently supported by inflationary forces outweighing deflationary forces by a factor of two. This concept balances 6 components: packages purchased for NFTs, the base rate of the NFTs, the depreciation rate of the NFT yield, randomized upgrades, weekly winning NFTs, and limits on the number of NFTs held per user.

The Freemium Model for games (Minecraft, etc.) are the new standard, with in-game items being almost 100% of a companies revenue. Blockchain games which are also using the 100% Freemium model is hinged upon a problematic and highly limited NFT tech and business model — Failure Upon Launch.

Our derived base value NFT models have intrinsic value instilled that mitigate the current limiting problems with NFTs models caused by manual price setting based on completely unknown, manufactured values.

But, what’s even more revolutionary and never before achieved is that this structure enables and stimulates scalability. By gamifying liquidity mining and creating True Derived Base Values within our NFTs utilizing our proprietary Automated Economic Logic Models, we offer an opportunity to finally overcome the scalability and true economic supply and demand issues limiting NFTs, allowing this industry to achieve mainstream use, and unleashing our special brand of anarchy (AnRKey X™) unto the world.

In essence, we truly have structured our NFT models to the only current use case of blockchain technology that has actually scaled and reached mass adoption so far…TRADING CRYPTOCURRENCY

eSports we say?

Our gDEX platform integrates our virtual team chat channels from our AnRKey X Discord directly into gameplay. so you never have to leave our gDEX platform protocol while playing our games. your team is right next to you there with you every step of the way. Outside of seeing your own scores, you can also quickly see how your team members are scoring, and view other team’s overall scores as well.

And here’s the real fun part… you can get direct access to view and infiltrate other Pool Army’s team chats directly from the dashboard. Go infiltrate another team and talk some smack, send funny memes, or brag about your scores or winnings from last week’s game round!

We’re truly bringing the eSports experience to DeFi, wherever you and your team members are in the world, with everything you love about competitive gaming. Just as quick and easy as if sending messages, memes, stickers, and coordinating with friends about plans for the weekend…just way more interactive, competitive, visually exciting — and the most important, VALUABLE.

Why not win rewards for doing something you already do every minute of your waking day — just in one of the freshest games to hit the market!

What’s up with all those NFTs?

It’s undeniable that liquidity mining has revitalized the DeFi industry; this process has given crypto holders the opportunity to hypothecate substantial yields. Lots of randos on the internet like to claim that they’ve “made thousands on yield farming”, but we all know most people are embellishing. The reality is, there’s been no way for users to compete on yields and then actually prove their claims.

Our rare NFTs change this — we reward our users with these ultra-exclusive power boosted NFTs to represent superiority in yield farming. Thus, our NFTs aren’t just key components of our game, they’re also designed to be the crown jewel of the DeFi space. They let you scream it proudly — “I’m the best degen out there, in the strongest degen army”!

Okay, now what about those $ANRX Arcade Coins?

$ANRX Utility Functions — Spend & Earn With Our $ANRX Arcade Coin

Our native Ethereum Based Arcade Coin “$ANRX” has 12 medium of exchange utility functions, and works just like an arcade coin used at a physical video arcade. The more you utilize its multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more you earn $ANRX within the gaming system. Our utility mechanisms and True Derived Base Value NFT models enable a vibrant and robust economic ecosystem that stimulates high growth and usage.

$ANRX is the primary, native, secured utility token (our Arcade Coin) within the AnRKey X™ ecosystem. It is a transferable representative of attributed functions specified in the code of the smart contracts governing the AnRKey X™ ecosystem. As such, $ANRX, is a medium of exchange between the participants in the AnRKey X™ ecosystem, used primarily for the following functions:

  • Rewards distribution for Yield Farming
  • Rewards distribution for the weekly game actions, NFTs and prizes
  • Rewards distribution for staking $ANRX
  • Payment and settlement for purchases of APY boosted in-game items, highly rare and APY boosted NFTs, upgrading NFT with APY boosts, and collectable NFTs

Players spend $ANRX to power gamification within our gamified liquidity mining Pool Army Character interfaces, and multiple in-game and NFT marketplaces, with a significant portion of the value generated being transferred directly to the staking of, upgrading APY boost value, and trading of both boosted and collectable NFTs. $ANRX enables a closed loop ecosystem and incentivizes users like you to contribute resources to provide services and activities within the broader AnRKey X™ ecosystem for its greater benefit.

$ANRX Allocation (in Millions of Arcade Coins):

AnRKey X™ Basic Tokenomics

$ANRX Arcade Coinomics

We will mint 200M $ANRX, with a total of 80M being sold.

You can get involved in our public sale of 5M $ANRX, December 7th, 2020. You won’t want to miss this!

In order to prevent the rug-pull issue that has permeated the DeFi space, we will show proof of a 12-month lock of our management team tokens in a smart contract with a predefined time emission period. But…seeing the background of our globally recognized subject matter expert team who have been in crypto successfully for years should give you some confidence ;)

Hmm… is this too good to be true? Where’s the catch?

There’s no catch — we prioritize democracy and decentralization, a break with the traditional gaming paradigm. The “Key” in AnRKey X™ signifies what DeFi is truly about: “my keys — not yours”. Our world has been rigged for the 1% to get richer and richer without lifting a finger, while the 99% kill themselves at work every day just to be able to order a slice of pizza and a few rounds of beer at the bar every Friday night.

Blockchain and DeFi were created to put the money-generating power into the hands of the people — into your hands. Like our anarchist forefather and Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, we strive for a utopian world where everyone has a fair chance to play, make decisions, and win big.

A rewarding, fair and balanced community driven protocol

We are community-driven; a 20% quorum is required for proposal approval to add any additional pairs for new liquidity pools (Pool Armies). If you’re one of our users, you can submit a proposal for a new pair (or, any other suggestions!) to our governance channels.

Our community development $ANRX Arcade Coin allocation fund is available for building the community and for community game developers to create their own AnRKey X m$Ports™ gaming Dapps on our gDEX platform. Our detailed APIs and SDKs will enable developers to create powerful m$ports gaming Dapps for our gDEX.

We know the DeFi community because we are part of it too. AnRKey X™ redistributes 25% of all transaction fees collected on the gDEX protocol back to $ANRX Arcade Coin users and holders who stake $ANRX, including transaction fees paid for liquidity mining, staking, purchasing in-game items, NFTs and upgrades, etc. — every single transaction on the network will be distributed proportionally — The more $ANRX Arcade Coins you hold and stake, and the more you play, the more profits you earn.

We didn’t stop there either…

We take this dedication for equality a step further by creating an automated self-balancing fair market value system using the Automated Fair Market Economics Logic Theory. This acts as the algorithmic parameters underpinning our gamification. Basically, we generated a system which is transparent and safe, protecting users from rug pullers and whales who try to dominate the game. The result is even distribution of power across all of our users — sweet, sweet anarchy. (***We will be releasing more technical documentation on this soon.)

We don’t just build products…we build solutions!

Key Benefits of our gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) Protocol

  1. Enhanced NFT Model — Solved Scalability & Mass Adoption Problems
  2. A True Derived NFT Base Value Driven Protocol
  3. Community Driven Protocol
  4. Socially Competitive Like eSports Gaming
  5. Rare Collectables
  6. Inherent Economic Supply and Demand Value System
  7. Simplified Intuitive and Easy to Use Platform
  8. High Ecosystem Coin Utility Functionalities — 12 Total
  9. Fair and Balanced P2P Economic Ecosystem — Whale Protection
The DNA of AnRKey X™

The AnRKey X Founding Principles//>>

Did you know our BTC founding father Satoshi Nakamoto was an Anarchist?

AnRKey X™ was founded on the principles of bitcoin’s foundation of anarchy and our founding father Satoshi Nakamoto, who was an anarchist himself along with first adopters of BTC. Among many who were fed up with the “system” after the 2008 global crash, he created a systematic and digital rebellion against the centralized and authoritarian banks and government controlled economic systems — where greed, power and corruption rule the global citizens on earth.

In the spelling of our company name the play on words “Key” is symbolic for the basis of what DeFi is all about too — owning and controlling our own keys — controlling our destiny.

AnRKey X™ was birthed out of the flames of decentralized anarchy and continues carrying the torch where Satoshi Nakamoto left off.

Anarchy = Rebellion

Rebellion ~ > Defiance

To Rebel ^ = To DeFi

AnRKey X™ Technical Team

How is development going?

AnRKey X™ is partnered with the award-winning Los Angeles game studio, Waypoint, who has worked on some of the worlds biggest game brands, including Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Sega, Terminator, Konami, Sony, and many more.

We decided early on to split our backend and frontend development to get the best game and the best blockchain developers. This enables us to have truly breathtaking interactive game development on par with major game studios, while maintaining a sharp focus on security, stable smart contracts and backend systems, and the ability to build at the speed that the DeFi market demands.

Our backend devs are absolute beasts as well, being ex-Goldman Sachs and Citrix trading technology executives. The team we’ve carefully handpicked with them for our project regularly works with Disney, Mercedes Benz, Netflix, Amazon, Walmart, and many other major U.S. film studios and businesses.

We aren’t playing around on getting this done right — right from the start.

Our new m$Ports gaming industry and beyond^^^

All AnRKey X’s m$ports™ games will be powered by our proprietary platform protocol, the gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) and our $ANRX Arcade Coin Token Economy Models. We are in development building the foundational tech and gaming stacks that all our games are built off whether from our company or from developers in our community. 3 new games are already in the pipeline, the first of which will be Battle Wave 2323™.

DeFi + Revolutionary doesn’t mean complicated!

We know something this revolutionary, groundbreaking and never before accomplished can sound quite complicated? Don’t worry its not…we’ve spent months in research & development working on the simplicity and making it an intuitive but exciting experience for YOU, the user. As well, more technical and game-play documentation is soon to come including our interactive Battle Wave 2323™ game instructions, FAQ, help desk/customer support, and community voting and forum site.

Cool! How can I get involved?

Battle Wave 2323™ is the social media of the future, melding social, gaming, and DeFi liquidity mining and reward structures — and we’re glad you’re as hyped as we are.

We hope you’re ready to PRESS START!

You can find more information on AnRKey X™, our $ANRX public sale, and the rest of our platform at:







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