Anryze March report

Dear friends, I hope everyone’s enjoying the beginning of spring.

Here is our first spring report.

Anryze PitchHelper

On March 9 we’ve launched Anryze Pitch Helper — a service to ease operating a presentation deck while pitching. While creating a deck user inserts his speech into Picth Helper and the program automatically switches slides during the pitch. This service is absolutely free and we already got several grateful feedbacks from happy clients. Anryze Pitch Helper became a great solution for advertising market and for start-ups.

Anryze Transcriber

Anryze Transcriber — a part of the future platform, our speech to text transcription service for end customers has been successfully functioning for three months now. During this time we continued to upgrade it by new iterations of Anryze neural network, new features like restoring punctuation, and capitalization.

Currently, we’ve started the global update of Transcriber usability. The new version will be available by the end of April. New Transcriber will include such novelties as categorization by folders, built-in voice recorder, and others.

Here are some teaser pics of the new look:

Distributed data processing system

Our Distributed system for data processing is still in progress. During previous tests we found out some issues with safety, speed, and transactions fee. Now we’re implementing no transaction fee protocol with simple contracts based on ‘atomic swap’ to see if this approach would work better.

Troubles with Facebook

Since January we’re having troubles with Facebook, it blocks any links to our products. We have tried to contact support, but no luck there. Apparently, there are serious reasons behind some companies’ actions such as #DeleteFacebook :)

Anyways, we still keep trying. Meanwhile, we’re working on Plan B — the rebranding of major products with “Powered by Anryze” in the naming. Please share your opinion on this.

Corporate services

While adding new options into our corporate service Anryze Calltracking, we have come up with one feature and decided to release it as a separate product — certain words and phrases tracked right from the audio. It will be a simple but powerful tool for online stores in particular. We are welcoming your name suggestions.

During March we’ve discovered new target audience for our speech recognition and analytics services: cloud contact centers integrators. They had no ability to offer affordable speech recognition and analytics to their clients. Until now.

Please, feel free to send us your questions. We will be glad to answer them in the next report or during upcoming Q&A.

Thank you very much for being with us!