Anryze Speech Recognition Platform is announcing official launch of Consumer Speech Recognition Application

Today Anryze Speech Recognition Platform announces official launch of Consumer Application. It is available here:

Private clients are welcome to use Anryze Speech Recognition and get the best results for personal use. Business clients will be able to use Anryze platform on January. Please follow updates at our blog.

We are welcoming miners to apply and start mining with Anryze Power Distribution system here:

Please, note, we are now on beta and cannot accept all applications from miners, so please, be patient and soon you will be connected to the system.

Anryze Speech Recognition Platform is based on power distribution which uses private computers’ power to process clients requests. This helps to reduce outcoming price for clients. Each transaction from a client in the system splits into following parts: 70% goes to miner, 20% goes to token holders, 10% is Anryze platform fee.