How to take part in the Anryze crowdsale

Anryze aims to raise up to $6 million to build a distributed speech-to-text platform that will reward network users for processing audio files.

Speech recognition technology is still in its relative infancy. A handful of successful players dominate the industry — the giants like Google and IBM. Whilst these do a reasonable job of converting speech to text, they are expensive for users — and their technology could be improved.

Anryze intends to address both of these issues. Their speech recognition algorithm takes a completely different approach to the established players — and even the pre-alpha tests show it is more accurate than popular existing software. That will only improve further in time.

The second element addresses the expense. Existing solutions are delivered by large, traditional organisations with significant overheads. By outsourcing the work to a distributed network, costs can be driven dramatically lower. ‘Miners’ on the network provide computing power to process audio files, and are rewarded with Anryze tokens (RYZ), which are hosted on the Waves blockchain. 20% of the tokens paid by customers for this service are distributed to token holders.

How to invest

The Anryze crowdsale will open at 11:00 UTC on 12 September 2017, and will last for up to one month. The project aims to raise a minimum of $1.6 million, with a cap of $6 million. The crowdsale will end at 01:00 UTC on 12 October 2017 or when the equivalent of $6 million has been raised, whichever happens first.

Up to 321 million RYZ tokens will be sold at a price of $0.02. There will be a 20% bonus for those participating in the first 48 hours of the crowdsale.

RYZ can be bought for Bitcoin (BTC), WAVES, Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ether Classic (ETC). Token price in fiat equivalent will be calculated in realtime, at the market price at the point of deposit.

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