The Latest Updates in Anryze: Q/A Article

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We collected the questions you have asked us in the Anryze telegram channel during the last few weeks. We are glad to answer them in this article.

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What has happened with Anryze in the past months? What has been achieved? What did they do?

First of all, we have launched our data mining system, which everyone can try on the following link:

Secondly, we continue to improve Anryze’s speech recognition neural network, adding new languages (Russian language will be added soon) and integrate it with our new clients.

Currently, we are proceeding to update Anryze Transcriber, which will have plenty of new functions and become a complete working environment for people who work with speech materials.

Next, we have updated our website and moved it to new domain: You can also find the whitepaper about our product there:

Is the product “somewhat ready to be used”? How accurate is the product, we’ve seen a very basic, vague chart of Anryze’s product against competitors in testing phase

Product is currently working well. The accuracy of it is better than in Google or IBM. We have tested it during the last few month. The information about the results is included into the whitepaper. To make it easier to find, the screensots are also included to this article ⬇

What is the team currently working on? What are their goals for the coming month?

During next month we are planning to launch an updated Anryze Transcriber and release beta version of distributed data processing system.

The approximate date of launch — 15th June.

Major blockchains events were held these recent months (and upcoming), did any of the team attend?

Anryze team is planning to take part in many events during this year. Some of them: BIP001 (Blockchain Incredible party), Next Block, Blockchain Day (Moscow/Kyiv), iForum Kyiv

Does the team has any plans for partnerships, exchange listings? Exchanges are vital right now, there is barely any volume. Only two(?) Exchanges which are both low volume.

Yes, we are planning to list token on two more exchanges during this summer (HitBTC, Liqui or Binance, for example).

My understanding is that tokens will be redeemable by clients using the platform for voice to text service. Given the low price on exchanges I cannot understand how this will work. Unless there is a price rise for the token the service is not sustainable as any miners will have no incentive to support the network and thereby provide the actual services. Can you comment, clarify on this.

Tokens are used as inside currency on the Platform. The price of the speech recognition is fixed in USD. So it does not matter for client how big or small is the price of the token — and the same with miners. It matters for token holders only.

When the documentation will be ready?

If the question is regarding technical documentation, it will be ready during the next few months. Currently we’re providing Anryze API with custom documentation for every client depends on their integration details.

Any questions? Text us in Telegram