Q/A: Anryze’s Latest Updates from 25st of August

Diana from Anryze
Aug 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to share with you the latest Anryze updates.

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How will the payment system work?

The daily volume of produced audio recognition within our system will be multiplied by 0.2 (20%). In this way, we get a commission for all coin holders.

After that, the total fee from the token turnover will be distributed proportionally to the token amount.

Will the customers buy transcription time in Dollar or in ryz?

They will be able to do it in both currencies.

How will the rye holders get revenue?

The holders will get the revenue to their waves wallet directly.

Please update the roadmaps for development and marketing efforts (coin usage propagation).

We have updated the roadmap for the next half a year on our website:

What is the current transactional volume per month? How many minutes are being transcribed per month?

Approximately 150+ hours per day.

Of those minutes, how many are done through the Anryze distributed computing network? How many are you doing yourself for customers?

30+ hours per day go through the distributed system.

Have your current customers shown any reluctance to use the distributed network?


Updated 30th of August

I see the team answered “yes” to the question asking about the reluctancy of their customers using the distributed network. Can they explain why the customers are reluctant? This is a huge issue for a startup. If your customers are reluctant to use your product, then you need to pivot or educate. I imagine you reached out to them and they told you why… Can you tell us? Is it just too new or are their concerns about privacy and security?

“Reluctance” — not the right word, customers are currently a bit suspicious about distributed network. As long as we’re working with corporate clients who need to have highly secured data, they do not completely trust to the distributed network. This attitude came out after latest GDPR rules. This is a problem for us now and we work with lawyers in order to receive all necessary documents to proceed offering clients to process their data through distributed network. At this moment we cannot tell for sure when we will solve this issue.

And when will holders Beginn to get revenue?

Once we will start to use it again after receiving all legal documents.

Is the a plan to get back on CMC?

To get back on CMC we need more trading volumes and with this issue we need a strong support of community.

Why would ryz price rise, if 1min of transcription is pegged to a $ price?

Fiat money are being converted into RYZ once they are inside the network.

I really like to have a good and detailed description how it will work. To me and I think to a lot of other people it’s not clear how the payment of the customers will work.

You already explained that the price of 1min of transcription will be in $. I ask myself, why need a token then?

I understand that you said 20% of tokens used by transcription will be distributed to holders. But what are those tokens worth, if they can’t be used. Who would buy them from the holders, and why?

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