Q/A: Anryze’s Latest Updates from 30th of June

Diana from Anryze
Jun 30, 2018 · 5 min read

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to share with you the latest Anryze updates.

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Are the tasks distributed to the miners proportionally to their compute power? Or how does it work?

Tasks are distributed alternately. The miner who is available in the specific moment receives the tasks first.

Who will set the price in future? Why not let the market decide what to pay for 1 min

The market of speech recognition is highly competitive, due to big players like Google, Amazon etc. So it is better to have fixed lower price than competitors have to grow faster.

The price of recognition will be around 0.005–0.01 $. This is a range of prices for large volumes for large customers.

The price for B2C customer includes other costs such as marketing, and the volume of the tasks is less there. That is why the price is higher. However, the cost of recognition in a distributed network will remain the same as for large customers.

Do you have any partnerships? Can you tell about them? Also how many people are you expecting to use your software currently?

We have partnerships with contact centers, but they are under NDA.
We expect to attract 1 000–5 000 transcriber user monthly.

It would be nice to see how secure the Miner is. Taking people’s info from the memory is a real danger, I wonder how they got around that issue.

The security is provided by obfuscating the code, encrypting the audio and the output of it. Also, the miner receives only the random part of the audio, not the entire record.

Are you using your own proprietary encoder to analyze and transcribe natively?

We are using our own Speech-to-Text engine to transcribe audio files.

Granted, I know that it depends on the machine, but how long does it take to transcribe 5 minutes of recorded voice? On an average pc with a modern gaming GPU?

On average it takes the same amount of minutes as audio file has.

If it takes 5 minutes to transcribe 5 minutes of audio, you can see that this will be an issue. That would equate to $ 0.42 per hour going to the Miner.

How do you plan on paying the coin holders the $.20 on the dollar (divided proportionally)? Will owners need to register and transfer their accounts to Anryze to get the dividends?

The system of commissions distribution among token holders is not ready yet. But it will be processed through the smart contract.

There will be also a system for recalculating the balances of all tokens holders and accrual in proportion to the balance.

What can the community do to help your endeavors? Specifically

Community can help to find new users and clients and introduce them to the team. It would be really cool!

When will investors be able to regain the invested funds in full volume?

It depends on the token price and the amount of minutes transcribed through the system monthly.

The question of the price of the token. Investors need at least 3 cents for the RYZ. Does the team plan to do something with the price of the token? If yes, then what?

We want to increase trading volumes and token price by real customers demand.

Yeah, the team is currently facing two challanges on this point:

First of all, we are improving the product itself, testing it on bugs and fix them to make it more representative and valuable for the customers.

Marketing and sales activities to attract new customers in another top priority right now.

When will the holders of the token receive passive income?The system of commissions distribution among token holders is not ready yet. But it will be processed through smart contract.

Approximately it will work in the end of July.

When will it be possible to see the details of the mining in your personal account (statistics on the amount of work, time, reward)? While mining does not look very attractive, is it intended?

There will be an update of the miner’s cabinet with personal statistics on 05th of July.

What is the roadmap for the coin market? You’ve been able to roughly follow the roadmap for the application and the Miner, but I’d like to see a roadmap for proliferation throughout the cryptomarket. Can your team put out a roadmap for exchanges, conference participation, etc..

Sure, we will show the roadmap for cryptomarket. The timeline will be announced in the Telegram community soon.

The miner front-end is written in Java and uses Tensorflow for NN. So it must be relatively easy to make it work on other platforms like OSX, Linux. Correct?

No. Working with video memory and complex neural networks has a lot of dependencies, such as the installation of various libraries and their updates. So it requires more time.

Could you add address auto-save feature to the miner? It’s not convenient to enter the address each time one runs the miner.

We will implement this until 12th of July.

Could you add a feature to make miner run on a specific device like all crypto miners can do? So one can run ryz miners along other miners on a multi-card rig.

No. The miner’s rigs are a powerful video cards with poor CPU and small RAM. So they will work very ineffectively despite the excellent video cards performance.

It would be cool to see some diagnostic messages in the miner. I tried the miner on 960 and it works fine, however on my mining rig with two fast cards it does not run at all. When running mining frequently gets out of tasks. this means that currently there are not that many tasks available. I’m just wondering what happens if your miner goes mainstream and number of mining rigs goes up 100X., would there be enough tasks?

The amount of tasks is increasing, and gradually we develop our infrastructure.

However, there can be another problem with that, based on the factors listed in the previous answer.

Where can I find an email address to communicate with the team?


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