The frustration which made possible staff
May 30 · 2 min read


Struggling Indian Muslims keep their money either in bank savings or fixed deposits. The larger investments are done in properties.

The lack of financial education in general and about Equity markets have damaged the Muslim community as a whole for many decades.

Most of the major Indian share market websites showing the Halal stocks rely on paid screening services such as prestigious TASIS. The Shariah index in India was introduced in 2008 and the details of this index were still not freely available for the general mass of people. The benefits were taken by only the elites. The result is that Muslims keep their savings in banks or in lockers — missing out massive investment opportunities.

The Indian economy has a potential of exponential growth and Muslims can help India prosper by participating in her growth via Halal stocks.

The motivation of is to kill the hesitation towards share market investments in regular Indian Muslims so they at least start to step into the investments sector.

The long term goal is to guide them in becoming self-reliant as much as possible. is just a guidance, whenever in doubt - if you find that the company stock in concern is bringing more good than bad to humanity, it should be a deal. is not a blanket Fatwa authority!

If you ever have a doubt about your investments and income activities, do always reach out to a trusted & reputed Aalim/Mufti of your particular Maslak for 100% assured advice.

The reason for making

The cumulative frustration from the combination of the following factors forced us to make

  • lack of knowledge on Halal investment opportunities in India
  • economic struggle of Indian Muslims
  • lack of enthusiasm from the government towards the welfare of Muslims

A lot of research, partnerships, hard work, and expenses are invested in making possible and we hope it actually helps our fellow Indian Muslims in their economic struggles.

Harsh realities:

Even after decades of independence Indian Muslims is a sleeping giant of millions, and are almost always used as a political vote bank.

The lack of financial knowledge and education, in general, have resulted in overall damage to Muslims. In fact, Muslims do not even hold any substantial voice in sections that actually control their lives like police, politicians, lawyers, army men, media, the corporate, judge & juries.

The community has to urgently participate in this mainstream to reclaim her dignity.

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