Product Launch + Fundraising

It’s been a busy past few months at Ansaro and we’re excited to announce two major milestones: the launch of our first public product — the Ansaro interview platform — and closing our seed round with some great investors we’re thrilled to have onboard.


First things first, our product launch — the Ansaro Interview Platform!

Photo Credit: NASA

Poor interviewing drives away good candidates and lengthens time-to-hire. Assigning tests, games, and work samples during the hiring process often increases candidate dropout and deters underrepresented groups, hindering diversity efforts. While other AI solutions have attempted to combat these issues, they also reduce or eliminate human judgement.

At Ansaro, we’re in the business of improving hiring by augmenting human interviewers to provide more structure, consistency, and insight while keeping human interaction at the center of the candidate experience.

How are we doing it? With the Ansaro interview platform, teams can now structure interviews collaboratively, automatically collect rich interview feedback, and make evidence-based candidate decisions — all while reducing recruiters’ day-to-day workloads. Some of this is just the embedding of psychology research on interview best practices into technology. And some of it is entirely new technology — like using speech recognition AI so interviewers don’t have to talk and type at the same time.

Over the past year, we’ve partnered with a dozen of America’s most innovative talent organizations to analyze massive amounts of recent hiring data. We saw first-hand how hard it is for companies to structure interviews or collect meaningful feedback from them. At the same time, we learned — and measured — just how valuable it was when companies were able to interview well: hiring decisions were made faster and new hires performed better.

We’re very excited. Check out our press release that went live today.


On the fundraising side, we recently closed a $3.0M seed funding round, led by SVD Capital with participation from GSV Acceleration and a number of angel investors. We’re thrilled to be working with Jim McLean from SVD Capital, who brings deep experience in the machine learning and data science space. And we’re excited to have Deborah Quazzo and Michael Cohn from GSV joining us, who have helped launch over a dozen amazing talent technology startups.

We’re excited to use this funding to accelerate the growth of our team and broaden the Ansaro interview analytics platform. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing a number of new features, including more extensive hiring dashboards and additional workflow integrations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ansaro, please drop us a line!