Here is where Life Advice (and my Podcast) usually fails

Ansh Mehra
Ansh Mehra
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2 min readMay 14, 2020

I’m a huge proponent of spreading motivation and giving advice. I always wanted to be that person who gave ‘real advice’. That is why I started my show on Spotify to share my two cents on the subject.

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My intention was to help people avoid mistakes I did. It was only after 10–11 months after releasing my show that I realised..

Most people would ‘relate’ to my experiences of pain and struggle while others rarely remembered the advice when required.

This means that in most cases, when a person heard my struggles, he could relate to my pain and feelings of confusion, saying “Yeahh! This is exactly what happens”. This means that my listener had already experienced the pain and the damage I wanted to avoid had already been done.

I tried making content that could allow people avoid making mistakes and couldn’t find a way out. I think this is how our parents feel when they try their super hard to give us advice, only to see us doing the same mistakes we were warned about. You can only learn to a certain extent from other people’s advice or experiences.

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The lessons that stay with you forever are from mistakes YOU commit because the intensity with which those lessons hit you is unparalleled.

Therefore, if you are a strong seeker of life advice (like me), make sure that you firstly listen to them in quantities that are easy to absorb because it’s worthless if you forget it after a week.

Secondly, believe in your own realisations as well, don’t try to completely hack your life to become 100% perfect. Making mistakes is okay as long as you learn from them.

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