Staying Fascinated in a Time of Monotony

Ansh Mehra
Ansh Mehra
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2 min readApr 30, 2020

I’ve noticed a trend in my surroundings where people have started considering everything they have as ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’. People are getting difficult to impress because they always want more 🔥

100 years ago, things like wireless communication and machine learning where considered equivalent to magic. People’s eyes would pop out even thinking about such possibilities. Those who had access to early computers felt excited at every click because they valued what they had 👀

Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

For people who did not understand tech thought it was just like magic ✨ Similarly, there is a lot going on in this Universe that we do not understand, both good and bad 🌏

If we understand something in our Universe, we call it scientific. If we don’t , we think it’s a co-incidence or a miracle.

Nevertheless, it is important to remind ourselves that the things we understand and already possess are just as magical as they were before we understood and possessed them 🙇🏻

I think it is correct to say that everything that truly exists in reality is by nature, understandable. It’s just that we might not understand it yet due to our own limitations.

It is unfair to use ‘magical’ only for things we don’t understand. We must recognise the magic that is still alive in things we fully understand.

Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov on Unsplash

For example, we forget how magical it is to breathe or how magical it is to watch a movie on your TV. How magical it is to eat your favourite food. There are thousands of things complementing each other, working with each other only to keep you alive. This is nothing less than magic.

For a temporary moment, stop thinking about what you want and intensely observe what is happening right around you. What all it took to reach this point and how fascinating it is to have all these things with you!

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