Rising Expenditure is an Opportunity, not a Problem

Ansh Mehra
Ansh Mehra
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2 min readMar 12, 2021

I have been unlearning some unmerited beliefs that I had unconsciously picked up as a child.

The most recent one is complaining about the rising expense of living. Instead of seeing spending of money as a mere loss of capital, one has to view their spending as a contributing chain in the flow of energy.

Money is a tangible form of value. Value is generated by transmuting all sorts of energy. The entire cosmos is nothing but a consistent flow of energy and that is why money helps us keep a log of how value travels from one person to another.

Growing up, I regularly heard warnings like “Oh life is going to become so expensive” and “Why is nobody doing anything about the expenses”

The truth is that someone’s expenditure is basically someone else’s earnings.

If a group of people is spending a lot more than before, then it is fair to say that another group of people is earning a lot more than before. The transaction of money is a zero sum game.

Which translates “rising expenses” as “an opportunity to ask for more”

This one simple shift will eradicate our fear of rising expenses and replace it with the excitement of possible opportunities.

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