Featured Attorney: Richard Lebovitz

About The Attorney:

Richard Lebovitz is an Attorney in Maryland practicing mainly Family Law, with other work in Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant, General Litigation, Small Claims and Bench Trials, Breach of Contracts, and Estate Planning. In 1989, Mr. Lebovitz earned a dual degree in Economics and Political Science at Emery University. In 1992, he graduated from Duquesne University Law School and passed the BAR exam in Pennsylvania. He worked at Lebovitz & Lebovitz, P.A. with his father and brother from 1992 to 2005 when he moved to Maryland and passed the Maryland bar. He is licensed to practice law in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.

At Lebovitz Law. LLC, clients see exceptional hands-on attention from Mr. Lebovitz and his staff, which is why his clients are always extremely happy they chose the Lebovitz Firm. Lebovitz Law prides itself on personable attention, explaining processes pertinent to the case at hand, and doing their very best to keep costs down. In fact, every single review of Lebovitz Law, LLC on Google is a 5 star experience! The same goes for Yelp and Birdeye!


Richard uses Birdeye to collect and manage his reviews and testimonials. Out of the 19 reviews collected on Birdeye alone, all of them are 5 stars! This is extremely important because approximately 35% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a good or service. If the review is bad, they are more likely to steer clear of your services and find someone else! If the multitude of your reviews are a collectively positive experience, the trust you establish with that potentially new customer is already bolstered! Kudos, Mr. Lebovitz!

“What are some common legal misconceptions among your clients?”

Some of the common legal misconceptions that are shared amongst the clients Richard has had are that there are not many ways to resolve issues outside of court. Richard is able to think outside the box and bring the parties together through mediation and negotiated parenting and marital property separation agreements to resolve their differences and to save court time and legal fees. They also are under the impression the court is fast and can help them resolve immediate conflicts. Richard explains that the courts are reactive and not proactive. This means that the courts have many cases filed that slows the process and it can take months to get an initial hearing with the court.

Web Presence:

Richard’s website is managed by Dramatic Visions. Mr. Lebovitz contributed almost all of the content for the website, and he also writes for his wordpress blog that he manages himself. His website has a lot of important information that you can read, which presents itself as a feed through which you can scroll and learn! He also has an introductory video on the home page of his website, where you can see Mr. Lebovitz and learn a little bit more about Lebovitz Law, LLC.! He has excellent Calls To Action on his website, and the information on his home page alone will let you know how to get to his office, the legal services Lebovitz Family Law provides, all of the contact information to get in touch, and even a live web chat where you can speak to an agent!


Richard is a father and a family man himself, and therefore a lot of his time is spent with his children and family. They enjoy traveling together, and Richard enjoys long walks when he isn’t spending countless hours representing and advocating for his clients!

Answering Legal:

Richard has been using Answering Legal for some time now, and uses it as a tool to not only free up hours of the day for himself, but to schedule appointments, screen calls, and discern the importance and urgency of the calls that come through. The messages he gets let him know how important the call is, and whether or not he has to call the person back right away. He also uses a marketing company that tracks every call, and through this platform Mr. Lebovitz can track who called, what they were calling about, and his conversion rate throughout all of his call volume! Answering Legal has been paramount in Richard’s new client capturing.

Richard is a great Family Lawyer, a multitalented man, and for this reason, is Answering Legal’s Featured Attorney of the Week!

Happy Hunting!

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Originally published at www.answeringlegal.com on August 26, 2016.

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