Tips on being minimalistic

Keeping your space tidy while taking care of your emotional wellbeing!

Whenever I run my programs & workshops on Fengshui, I always ask my students to keep their house not just neat & tidy, but to start confronting the things that they often hoard.

These are psychological signs of dis-ease starting to accumulate in their emotional, mental & physical bodies.

Anyway, the advantages of keep a minimalistic home include — happier life, sudden relief of burdens (yes you will feel more free in your life), aesthetically pleasing, improved vitality, better relationships, smooth sailing at work, more sales for those who are self-employed.

If you often feel tired or stuck at the moment, why not try some of the simple decluttering tips.

1. Things that you do not use in a year…

Chances are, you won’t be using it. This goes to show how you prioritise over them in your life.

If there is a good reason to keep them, either make full use of it & put it somewhere that is visible. Otherwise keep just a quantity and dispose/ sell off/ donate the rest. (Oh, remember to complete with them physically & emotionally as well! Appreciate & thank them for their use.)

You can scan your documents and convert into digital formats.

2. Less is more

Very often we see promotions and bulk discounts. The discounts make it so irresistible and stupid if we do not buy more. That is when we start to buy huge quantities and they start to clutter our space. But that is how business marketing works!

I would recommend not buying more than 2 at a time, unless we are talking about items such as fruits that you would consume a lot in a single month.

This makes your monthly accounting and tracking your credit cards so much neater too.

Anyway with so many companies desperate to make more sales, I am sure you can get it at the same price again. Who knows, there might be a new model or update when the time comes.

3. 80/20 Rule

Somehow this rule is very versatile and can be applied here as well. 80% of the time we will be using only the 20% of the items at home. So you might want to invest in a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing & yet functional ones.

Make sure you place them in places that you have easy access. The right place for the right tools.

4. Heavy items at the bottom

And lighter items on top. This principle is just an application of stability — center-of-gravity. This will ensure more balance and harmonious flow in your house.

This will help to release some blockages or heaviness in your energetic and psyche space.

5. Simple & smoothing colours

We have been young before, been into those complicated colours of dressing & purchase. However you might start to observe that having simpler colours make our mood lighter and happier.

There are colours that make use feel more nasty and more cluttered as well. This is very important in the places that we sleep, work and eat especially.

It is all in our psychology. I cannot ask that you follow certain colour schemes as we have different projections & dislike to different shades and colours. In general lighter colours might make you feel more soothing.

This will be a good time to know more about yourself.

Signing off

I strongly encourage to keep maintaining and do a big declutter if your life is at a crossroad or you are feeling stuck now.

I always tell my clients that our house is an internal reflection of ourselves. How the things are stored, where are the things that are stored, what are the things that we choose to keep, etc — are the mirror reflection of how we keep our emotional, mental and psychological spaces sorted. There are so much more wisdom if you able to look into it.

Otherwise you will often see yourself in a loop and having the same issues time after time.

Once you free out the spaces out there, you have more space within to deal with your issues. You might find yourself easily attracting abundance of health, wealth & emotional wellbeing.

If you have any questions, chat me up.




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