Web3 Gaming Summit in Hong Kong Ends on a High Note

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HONG KONG, April 16, 2024Web3 Gaming Summit in Hong Kong, organized by ABGA, co-hosted by ICC and aelf, supported by Web3Labs and CloudMile, was grandly inaugurated last April 8, 2024. This summit brought together industry leaders, developers, investors, and enthusiasts from leading organizations worldwide who are dedicated to Web3 gaming. It presented an event full of innovation and insight for industry explorers. Participants converged to focus on the topic of Web3 gaming, gaining cutting-edge insights and collectively exploring the limitless potential of Web3 gaming to shape the future blueprint of the industry.

The Web3 Gaming Summit in Hong Kong commenced with grandeur on April 8, 2024, at 2PM (UTC+8) at Hall 3FG, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Esteemed professionals from leading organizations within the industry delivered three keynote speeches and three panel discussions, covering various aspects of Web3 gaming ranging from game technology to business models, and industry trends to future developments. Meanwhile, the Ceremony of ICC Camp, the industry’s first accelerator dedicated to the Web3 Gaming sector, concluded successfully. Thirty-one start-up teams from ICC Camp S1 showcased their projects, taking the stage to share their entrepreneurial insights and experiences. This marked the formal closure of the offline entrepreneurship courses of ICC Camp S1.

In a keynote speech, delivered by ABGA CEO Yoka Zhou, the focus was on exploring Asia’s leading position in the global Web3 gaming ecosystem. Yoka Zhou delved into how Asia harnesses its vibrant developer community, massive user base, and efficient infrastructure to achieve significant accomplishments in the realm of Web3 gaming. Additionally, she emphasized Asia’s innovative spirit and the importance of top-tier public chains in the gaming industry, highlighting the region’s pivotal role in shaping the future of gaming. ABGA and ICC Camp are committed to driving this momentum, fostering collaboration, and driving excellence in the development of Web3 gaming.

Abin Arjun, Founder and CEO of Aura, provided a detailed exposition of Aura’s vision for future gaming development and its impact on the global gaming ecosystem. He also delved into the bright prospects of esports in the Web3 gaming sector. By combining Aura’s innovative concepts with the application of Web3 technology, he underscored the potential of esports in the future and explored how blockchain technology can be leveraged to drive the development of the esports industry, bringing more opportunities and innovation to players and developers alike.

Khaniff Lau, Business Development Director of aelf, showcased the exciting potential of aelf in revolutionizing the landscape of Web3 gaming. Through a dual perspective analysis from both player and developer viewpoints, Lau delved into how aelf’s advanced blockchain technology is redefining the future of gaming. He highlighted unprecedented scalability, operability, and security aelf brings to users and innovative support opportunities for developers. With aelf’s innovation, the Web3 gaming industry is poised for a revolution that will elevate gaming experiences to new heights, creating more opportunities and possibilities for both players and developers.

ICC Ceremony

Kevin Shao, the initiator of ICC Camp, Executive Chairman of ABGA, and Co-founder of Bitrise Capital, graced the event to introduce the most focused, experienced, and professional Web3 gaming accelerator in the industry — ICC Camp. Kevin Shao showcased ICC’s robust ecosystem of resources and its visionary launch, while also announcing the official launch of ICC Camp S2. The ICC Ceremony presented a spectacular showcase of 31 outstanding startup projects from ICC Camp S1. Representatives from five projects took the stage to share their insights gained from ICC Camp and express boundless expectations for potential projects looking to join the ICC Camp S2.

The panel discussion about ‘Does the Future of Web3 Gaming Require Supportive Ecosystems?’ was led by Denzel Lim, Business Development & Ecosystem Growth at aelf, representatives from various projects — Steven Cao, Founder & Head of Growth at GaFin; Chris Chodakowski, Founder of Wizarre Stormfights; and John, Founder of Project Schrodinger — came together to discuss the future of supportive ecosystems in Web3 gaming. The guests shared their perspectives and engaged in a spirited and constructive discussion on how to build a more supportive ecosystem. Their insights led the audience to recognize the importance of a robust ecosystem in supporting the development of Web3 gaming.

Chris Zhu, CEO of Sonic SVM/Mirror World, moderated the second panel discussion at the event. The guests included Eric, CEO of Cellula; Alexey Stelmakh, BD at Satoshi Universe; Saku, Co-Founder of Matr1x; and SEAKUK OH, BD Lead at TRALA LAB. The discussion focused on the renaissance in the Web3 gaming sector, delving into how to shape innovative trends and developments in the industry. From blockchain-based gaming experiences to decentralized virtual worlds, the guests provided valuable insights into the future exploration of the gaming industry.

This panel discussion of ‘The Future of Web3 Gaming — From the Perspective of Public Chains’ featured representatives from various top-tier public chains, offering the latest analysis of the future of Web3 gaming. Anderson Sima, Chief Editor of DeThings, moderated the discussion, with representatives including Adam Jin, Advisor at Solana Foundation; Sarah S, APAC BD Lead at BNB Chain; Pascal So, Product Market Strategy at starkware; and John Cho, Marketing VP at Klaytn Foundation. Together, they analyzed the future of Web3 gaming from the perspective of public chains, covering topics such as scalability solutions and cryptographic ecosystems. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on the evolution of gaming in the Web3 era.

At this event, industry pioneers and practitioners shared valuable experiences and insightful perspectives, bringing abundant benefits to the participants. Their contributions not only deepened our understanding of the Web3 gaming industry but also showcased its unlimited potential and vast prospects for development. We express our gratitude to all participants, guests, and partners for their efforts and contributions, making this event a hub for knowledge exchange and innovative thinking.

Web3 gaming is currently in a rapid development phase, and we anticipate that this cutting-edge and advanced Web3 gaming summit will drive industry transformation, bringing more surprises and opportunities to global players. Let us look forward to the SG WGS hosted by ABGA during the token2049 in September, where we can reunite and collectively explore the future landscape of Web3 gaming!

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