Client Note App for Counselors and therapists has a new look

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Client Note went through a few feedback sessions since it’s last release and it’s walking out now with a more positive attitude and shiny new look . It is grateful for your support and valuable inputs. Keep them coming. When we talk, we feel better — right? Right.

The clients list is no longer shy and is ready to reveal an important piece of information about the clients who see you regularly and those who no longer need to — their status. Green is active & Red is closed. There is a friendly switch you now have to mark client relations as closed and equally easy option to view based on that status.

The client edit screen has achieved it’s goal to cope with user interaction in a better way. What looked and seemed like something hanging in space has now received help to stay aligned, organized and anchored. Thank you for the support provided during the troubled times.

The session note editor has grown out of it’s anxiety disorder. It is now at peace with the constraints that the device mandates. The result is a good use of space for you to type and view notes. Also, the editor screen now has improved relations with it’s surrounding ecosystem. A note can now not only be emailed but also printed! The editor screen is no longer obsessive about getting from you multiple inputs to set a simple date, it has now learnt — Patience is a virtue! So it waits to say when you are done!

The key points editor has given up it’s rebel-without-a-cause demeanor. Unlike before it now displays the text in a disciplined and predictable manner.

A ready reckoner is available as part of the redesigned help pages.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Here is an intro video we prepared!

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