Today’s view widget is the perfect place for some wisdom

Ever since we started building apps based on content from age old tenets we’ve taken deliberate decisions to restrict binge reading!

Ideas, concepts, feedback, critique all of these make more sense when we allow ourselves more time with them. In today’s world of instant-gratification this maybe a hard thing to do.

I remember the quintessential “Thought for the day” on a notice board from the past. A board that was there in schools and in organizations. Everyone who walked in, got to see it and it served a purpose — that of taking a chance at triggering a thought process that hopefully would result in readers inculcating the wisdom of the thought in their day-to-day affair. While the school/organization taught and evaluated the skills of trade, these drops of wisdom ended up staying with us without any extra effort — by their own virtue.

Thought for the day — Making the world a better place!

When we curated the content for Antarjaal apps, we wanted to achieve the same. These were truths that stood the tests of time and we wanted to allow for time to play it’s role between units of content. Within the app the presentation was designed with this intent. But, it was still within the app. We wanted a place that non-intrusively without any extra action by the user allowed for an “Inception”

Widgets of Today’s view came through as the right solution

With this we were able to tailor and present our units of content in a way that would stay with the user effectively and non-intrusively for the day and automatically change for the next day. It’s amazing in the way it sets the tone for the day being alongside other useful widgets that let us manage our day to day activities.

The latest update of all the “Situational” series of our apps have this widget built in.

Update : A bundle of Situational Gita, Situational Subhashita and Situational Kabir with the “Today’s view” widget can now be downloaded from the App Store

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