Indian Stickers version 1.4 Available Now

Happy to tell you that a new version of the awesome Indian Sticker pack is now available with new animated stickers. We just can’t help it — the more we observe people around us, the more we find ideas for stickers. Feel free to share your ideas with us and we will see how best and fast we can build it in.

We also feel extremely happy that Indian Stickers has been on the top paid stickers list in India for almost every week since it’s launch.

It’s still one of the first icons you will see on the App Store under the “Say it with a Sticker” section!

The new update has animated stickers for “mere bharat mahajan”, “koi shak”, “sab meri galti hai” — yeah like the one above — and more. If you like “sab meri galti hai” , you will love “sab tumhari galti hai” ☺️

Download Karo, Enjoy Karo!