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Algae as bioresource in circular bioeconomy

Water2Return, European H2020 project on turning wastewater facilities into bio-refineries by REcovery and REcycling of nutrients from wastewater and converting them into added-value products for a circular economy in agriculture, also with the help of algae.

Biomass production

NWE Interreg ALG-AD project tackles the possibilities to create value from waste nutrients by integrating algal and anaerobic digestion technology. Photobioreactors can be seen on the lower left side.
Spirulina production in the greenhouse (Source: Algen, algal technology centre, llc).

Algae for food and animal feed

Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) under a microscope (Algen, algal technology centre, llc).
Dried spirulina for human consumption (Algen, algal technology centre, llc).

Phyto-pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The European Green Deal goals.

Agricultural utilisation

Growing tomato with the help of algae (Algen and University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the scope of Water2Return project).
European Green Deal and Farm to Fork 2030 targets for sustainable food production.

Biofuels and energy

Production of biofuels with algae grown in municipal wastewater in Aqualia (Spain) in the scope of All-Gas project.

Wastewater treatment and biomass valorisation

Algae raceway pond as a part of wastewater treatment facility in Seville, Spain (Algen, Water2Return project).
Photo: Algen archive.

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Maja Berden Zrimec

Maja Berden Zrimec

PhD in biology, content writer, senior researcher and project manager, algae expert