Connecting Coach and Athlete in a simple way.

Picture by Adrian Flores

Since a couple of years I have been preparing and competing in triathlon events. Throughout this time I was also lucky to work with some great coaches that guided me through the process.

What had always been very challenging was information exchange with the coach. I would go out and train according to what the coach prescribed but then I had to convey this message to the coach. What I did, how I felt, how many hours I slept etc. Sometimes during certain intervals I would have to note, on a post-it, what my heart-rate was at certain points so that I could tell my coach.

This was tedious and I started to research; what is a better way to do this? Of course there were some apps, but most of them were focused on athlete not on the coach and athlete interaction. There were also some focused on coach here main focus analytics and hard data. It made me think: what if there would be an app that takes care of this dull experience and the main focus would be interaction and communication …

That led me to building Antelope. I knew, at that time, that my coach was not a technical person so the app must be super intuitive and easy to use; do you remember the post-it? This is the level of the technology that the coach used at the point.

So I did. I pour my heart into it. Rethinking, simplifying, rethinking — sometimes also overthinking and then when the things started to take shape I started to think what if others have the same experience? How can I tell people about this? How am I going to share this with other coaches and athletes so they can really focus on what is important — coaching and training and not fiddling with spreadsheets, documents or post-its.

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