17 // MEDIEVAL 3.0

what the fuck is wrong with you, dude? 
what’s your videogame come true?
or was it the medieval show?
Ah no, it was the ZSI Cancun
they took note and Crazycola
for rust and ADD

5 minutes ago Angela was beheaded
dead already 
María Soledad, Diana, Lohana, Lucía,
and so how many
each name the earth engraves,

each minute, little girls and boys, and gurls and bois

Plan Condor invaded my Nest | Radioactive Version | by Carina Gómez

in Arabia the guarded life, veiled by acid in Pakistan, burning up in flaming alcohol Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, and La Palma, España; says the holy easter Special, but what’s up with the forced surgeries to Finnish Intersexuals? and the teenage girl with ME/CFS kidnapped and locked-up in Denmark? and the 100 million women missing in Asia? The girls from Nigeria, just a few came back home. America Originaria bleeds Mexico, Brasil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Estados Unidos, Chile, Argentina,
las Machi 
against the looting & raiding they rise up in Guatemala 56 state-guarded Girls Behind Bars incinerated for protesting abuse and rape pregnancies. The thousands that cross in Patera, at the Internment Center say they have anorexia…if they knew. The Women trafficked for Sex. The Refugees. The girls intoxicated behind Masks. The Trans, Travas and Dykes, the Broken Ones, the Black Ones, the Femichongas. The Forgotten Bedridden gals. The Pill-Popping Sistas. The Disappeared Ones. The Girls from the Slums, the Caged ones, the Fags, the Whores. Las Sudacas. Acá.

and if you think this doesn’t happen in your town
and you brag of “know-all-civilized” mxn 
you just need to go ask your sister
and multiply it, then sum it up
and so here we are
the greatest GENOCIDE in the history of Earth
and each day is Gagged.





the consumated treason to the Motherly-land, made war trophy, our lives are worth NADA and we don’t even realize. we think we are superior, educated, evolved; we keep the manners, and we will love and vote for those who kill us. we give them more weapons. we justify their revenge.


And if we defend ourselves 
we end up in jail
or in the morgue,
or in the asylum, 
they then whisper that it’s better to be a good girl and let them, that I’m a woman, that fighting is useless because, what’s the point? the Grand Finale always includes a chick in a construction site all spread out, torn clothes if any, dead, she never defends herself, nobody ever helps her, they want you to record that very well in your head: YOU ARE ALONE.

billions the lives
eugenic violence legitimized,
what will the census look like in 50 years?
and your granddaughters? will they live chained to 5 husbands?
how does the patriarch’s farce wind up?
his right to kill
over our right to live.
they choose to enjoy suffering
sentence us to slavery and death
to kinds of people
to being normal.

they are afraid.

we are saved by those who resist and fight back,
the Freedom Warrixrs, agaisnt all odds.
they don’t want us to be half,
but we are half plus 1 million mil more
and we are right here
the crystal explodes
and you can’t control it any more
1+1 becomes pi cube of multisexual mayhem.

they kill us and bill turns into law, GMO seeds, CETA & TTIP approved, mass detentions, mega-mining, bulldozers, and they fumigate your Casa, your school and your water has radioactive algae. the pope’s visit. the latest terrorist attack financed by the gringos.


¿are they killing us for a smoke screen? or ¿is it pure sadism?


You just can’t get that YOU are the Plague.

Us? please let us be.

we just want Peace and Freedom for all Womxn and the Earth whole.

it’s Time.

you owe it to your Mom.


#NiUnaMenos — #NotOneLess
#VivasNosQueremos — #AliveWeWantUs
#ParenDeMatarnos — #StopKillingUs
#ElEstadoesResponsable — #TheGovtisResponsible
#ParoMundialdeMujeres — #WorldwideWomensStrike
#AbsoluciónaHigui — #AcquittaltoHigui
#LibertadMilagroSala — #FreeMilagroNow


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