Water | x María Mora

Nature i miss you
need you back by mi side
some times / 
i see you fleeting in cracky cement
& find you from prose to poetry
& viceverse.

¿Where’s de vital energy?
Men and machines say 
it flies away with every breath
good girl i obey
try not to do it too much then.

We are as strong as weak 
you name our body
we are air and ether 
we are Vata //
we are water, power current,
wash cyanide landslide
soul plundering
undig our dead sisters for oil
energy from the underworld
turned into dough
& then Berta & Lohana get slain 
& Lucía empaled 
& Higui and Milagro into de cage
Zeinab awaits an execution date
all just on dis day.

But we still refuse to die 
to gelid latex touch & the bombs
 — drooling minds Phormoldancing.
Won’t trespass_barrikade.

Relief ____
no literal___ 
no figurative for this pain
we survive /// nonetheless
to carry out our vital mission:
to kill all absolute versions of ourselves.

me? i start right away.

#NiUnaMenos //#NotOneLess

>>>>>>>>in MUTANT RHYMES / I / Digital Manuscripts Collection