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Subscription Measurement beyond Streaming

As brands vie for consumer attention and wallet across industries, Antenna is excited to continue to provide key subscription analytics across the ever-expanding market of consumer entertainment. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended our coverage to subscription Gaming services.

It’s no secret that consumer subscriptions are gaining broad acceptance across virtually every category:

  • Video: Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix…
  • Gaming: Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Ubisoft+…
  • Audio: Apple Music, Audible, Spotify…
  • Education: Coursera, Duolingo, Masterclass…
  • Fitness: BeachBody, Mirror, Peloton…
  • Wellness: Calm, Headspace, Noom…

All of these businesses share a common goal: to grow, retain, and monetize users. And success can be measured for any of these services by a similar set of KPIs such as Sign-ups, Churn Rate, and Survival Rate. However, “what good looks like” on these metrics can differ dramatically category to category. For example, Antenna observed Active Monthly Churn Rate across Gaming, Premium SVOD and Specialty SVOD:

Upon initial review, we see that Churn in Gaming is both higher and more volatile than in either Premium or Specialty SVOD, indicating a meaningfully different consumer behavior — and standard of success — for the category.

Nearly four years ago, Netflix now famously wrote that “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO,” in a letter to shareholders. This year, Netflix unveiled plans to add mobile games to its core subscription offering (link). At Antenna, we believe that not only will consumers switch between services within a single category (e.g. Netflix and HBO), but also they will switch between categories (e.g. Netflix and Fortnite).

Antenna is excited to provide analyses to our customers highlighting both key subscription trends within a given industry — as well as insight into how users switch between services across different categories. As more options emerge across industries, and consumers actively manage their portfolios, we expect new, exciting trends to emerge.

Brendan Brady is a Content Strategy Associate at Antenna, a measurement and analytics company providing insight into purchase behavior and subscription metrics across the new media landscape.



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