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Announcement of the partnership between AntEx and Cong Troi

AntEx Ecosystem and Cong Troi make NFT Vietnam’s artworks more accessible to participants. The movement of NFT transactions of artworks has also arrived in Vietnam. Recently, artist Xeo Chu (14 years old) has just collected nearly 23,000 USD for the painting “Lucky Apricot” on the NFT Marketplace. This is a painting by a Vietnamese artist with the highest price on this marketplace. NFT has become one of the hottest trends in the world of the digital collectibles market, promising further growth in 2021.

Up to this point, there are more than 130 NFT exchanges (including more than 30 in art) worldwide, and Vietnam has just joined the game with Cong Troi as the pioneer.

In this ecosystem expansion campaign, AntEx partnered with Cong Troi to provide a whole new way of exchange. This makes it easy and convenient for the NFT community to own or collect NFT art works instead of using cryptocurrency — which is not easy for anyone.

In addition, the partnership in marketing and community development will help both AntEx and Cong Troi gain greater access to the rapidly growing NFT market.

About Cong Troi

“Cong Troi” is a digital ownership transfer platform, focusing on providing individuals, organizations and businesses with technology to connect both traditional artists and collectors through new applications of the blockchain technology. With the support of many trusted artists and organizations in the Vietnamese art industry, Cong Troi has built a prestigious team of curators to verify the authenticity of authors and works simultaneously through technology. NFT creates separate digital signatures to ensure transparency in the transfer of ownership between creators and collectors. The network of artists of Cong Troi is not only located in the field of fine arts, but also extended to other fields such as music, cinema, theater, literature, heritage…

According to the project team, the works will be digitized and identified by the owner using NFT technology (Non Fungible Token technology) — opening a new approach to traditional artworks with authenticity and rights of the sole ownership on the blockchain platform of Kardia Chain.

Learn more about Cong Troi: Website|Facebook|Telegram|Twitter

About AntEx

AntEx Ecosystem is an integrated blockchain financial ecosystem that is continuously evolving to meet users’ needs for real-life crypto and decentralized applications. AntEx’s goal is to bring value to the decentralized finance space — DeFi particularly by providing products with breakthrough technology, flexibility, security (audited by CertiK) and the blockchain financial industry thanks to its fiat gateway service in many different countries. AntEx blockchain financial ecosystem aims to build financial applications purely and basically on blockchain, meeting the most important needs of any user when approaching this potential market.

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