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Announcement of the partnership between AntEx Ecosystem and SPexchange

We are pleased to announce the new partner of AntEx Ecosystem, SPexchange — An international cryptocurrency exchange, which provides content and services related to listing and other services.

In this partnership, SPexchange will integrate VNDT — A product of AntEx ecosystem as its payment gateway, and trading pairs with $VNDT (stablecoin in AntEx ecosystem) will also be created.

About SPexchange

SPexchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides content and services related to listing and other services.

SPexchange’s mission is to advance blockchain technology towards a decentralized and sustainable financial world

SPexchange aims to support and nurture potential new Blockchain startups, by providing a connection service between these companies and the global crypto community through the SPExchange platform with excellent support. opposite to.

See more about SPexchange: Website|Twitter |Telegram

About the AntEx ecosystem

AntEx Ecosystem is an integrated blockchain financial ecosystem that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of users for real-life crypto and decentralized applications. AntEx’s goal is to bring value to the decentralized finance space — DeFi particularly by providing products with breakthrough technology, flexible and audited by CertiK and the blockchain finance industry. Generally, thanks to fiat gateway service through many different countries. AntEx blockchain financial ecosystem aims to build financial applications purely and basically on blockchain, meeting the most important needs of any user when approaching this potential market.

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