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AntBid Overview

1. Introduce

AntBid — one of the new products from Antex in December. The bid price here can be thought of as a auction, so unlike AntBox or AntNest, AntBid is set up in a completely new format. People who want to be on a project’s Whitelist will have to auction and compete with other investors to get their hands on a ticket. These projects have been thoroughly checked by Antex Ventures.

However, Antex does not have to be an advisor for any investment. Investors who invest in projects that are funded through AntBid will have to take on all of the risk. So, do a lot of research and learn about the projects before you decide to invest in them. In the case of projects that Antex has brought in, we will have a summary of the project so that investors can better understand it.

2. How to join AntBid

Condition: Own $ANTEX.


  • The AntBid program will take place within 30 minutes. Investors who want to bet on the Bid Price must transfer their $ANTEX bet to the Antex Bid Wallet and fill out the registration form with information like their transfer wallet, the amount of their $ ANTEX bet, and more.

After 30 minutes spent on Bid, the transferred $ANTEX will not be accepted.

  • After the end of 30 minutes of Bid price, Antex will publish the list of the highest Bid wallets.

For Bid winer: $ANTEX bet will be burned.

For Bid loser: $ANTEX bets will be refunded %100.

  • Investors on the list of winning wallets will have 30 minutes from the moment the winning list is released to make payment for Whitelist tickets. If payment is not completed within 30 minutes, the wallet’s outcome is forfeit.


  • The initial bid price for each project will vary, there is no upper restriction on the maximum bid price for Whitelist tickets.
  • Each week, an AntBid program will be held, with each project fundraising via AntBid having a unique beginning price for the Whitelist ticket.

For example: Project A has 500 Whitelist tickets, purchase limit is $100/ticket. The starting price for Whitelist tickets is 10,000 ANTEX tokens.

In the first 30 minutes of the Bid price program, the minimum amount of ANTEX tokens that an investor must transfer to the Antex Bid Wallet is 10,000 ANTEX tokens, and there is no limit to the highest price.

After 30 minutes for Bid price, the list of 500 people with the highest Bid price corresponding to 500 Whitelist tickets, will have to make a payment of $100 within 30 minutes from the time the list is published.




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