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AntEx and Fastgo announce cooperation agreement to expand crypto exchange

AntEx is pleased to form a partnership with Fastgo, the ride-hailing application which is developed by MPOS technology, JSC which is affiliated with Nexttech Technology Group Ecosystem.

AntEx is one of the partners among many major partnerships in the Fastgo’s development roadmap. Pursuant to the strategic cooperation, AntEx aims to provide a fast and convenient exchange portal for drivers and customers that can make it easy for Fastgo service payment in stable coin VNDT. The partnership boosts a win-win cooperation between AntEx and Fastgo that allows Fastgo users to exchange and use services in stable coin VNDT — the first stable coin in Viet Nam with the VND equivalent denomination. It also encourages users to accelerate the transformation from real-world to the digital world. Users easily approach the cryptocurrency world and own their tokens in the AntEx exchange Ecosystem.

The reason for VNDT’s choice from Fastgo is because this stable coin is the core product of AntEx Ecosystem, which is mutually invested and developed by AntEx ecosystem and Nexttech. VNDT stable coin is accepted by Ngan Luong, Vimo, Mpos applications as one of the payment methods in an array of products. With the wide experience in e-commerce, We believe the AntEx team will help users enjoy the completely new experience and provide them a powerful financial platform.

About Fastgo

Fastgo picked VNDT because it is a stablecoin that is part of the AntEx ecosystem, which is jointly invested in and developed by Nexttech Group. Applications such as Ngan Luong, Vimo, Mpos, etc. also accept VNDT as a stable coin for using in their services. We believe that AntEx’s team, which has years of experience in e-commerce payments, would deliver a fantastic customer support experience and a solid financial base.

About AntEx

The international world and the internal community have praised Antex for creating a cryptocurrency and fiat connection payment gateway since its introduction. Antex claims to establish an easy exchange and payment gateway with the funding and assistance of NextTech, a prominent technology business with extensive experience in the e-commerce payment area. It is advantageous not only for investors, but also for individuals who have never had the opportunity to interact with cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure manner.

Additionally, Antex’s VNDT stablecoin intends to make it easier for cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets in daily life. Investors will benefit from the transaction processing speed, transparency, safety, and security that AntEx’s blockchain-based applications provide, allowing them to manage their investment better.

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