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AntEx and iMM Global announce Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce to the AntEx community a strategic partnership with iMM Global — a Dapp that uses Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence based on Blockchain technology to synthesize and analyze the cryptocurrency market. This partnership will give AntEx investors more confidence in making investment decisions on the AntLaunch platform and make it easier for AntLaunch to review, find a quality project for investment to the AntEx ecosystem by combining the use of advanced iMM technologies. In addition, investors in the iMM community will have the opportunity to access the quality AntEx projects, making it easier for investors to use payment services between fiat and crypto-based currencies on stablecoin VNDT — AntEx’s e-wallet project.

About iMM Global

iMM is a Cryptocurrency Market Automated Aggregation & Analysis Tool using Big Data, Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence technology based on Blockchain technology with two platforms Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). iMM not only provides complete market information, but also provides exclusive analysis and forecasts, aiming to create a comprehensive token ecosystem. iMM also provides in-depth financial consulting services for projects.

At iMM, there are some high standards and goals for the market. iMM aims to protect the interests of investors when they participate into IDO projects and advise developers on technology projects to raise capital in the form of IDO.

About AntEx

Since its establishment, Antex has quickly been appreciated by the international community and the domestic community in building a payment gateway connecting cryptocurrencies and fiat. With the investment and cooperation of a large technology corporation and long experience in the field of e-commerce payment is NextTech, Antex promises to create an easy exchange and payment gateway. It is convenient for investors and helps those who have not had the opportunity to access cryptocurrencies to own them easily and safely. In addition, Antex also aims to help holders of cryptocurrencies easily use them in essential areas of life through VNDT. With the applications that AntEx is developing based on blockchain technology, investors will enjoy the benefits of transaction processing speed, transparency, safety and security, helping them to manage their funds well its investment.

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Antex Official

Antex Official

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