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ANTEX and SOVI FINANCE, a strategic cooperation relationship is established

We are delighted to announce to the Antex community a new strategic partnership that has been established between Antex and Sovi Finance — a revolutionary platform which combines the empowering aspects of decentralized finance ( DeFi) with the exciting features of a simulation strategy game. With the strength of an exciting, novel solution that allows people everywhere to earn digital assets and participate in popular DeFi activities, this strategic partnership will help businesses Antex investors a better overview of the Defi app features coming soon in the Antex ecosystem, freeing up finances and at the same time having fun joining the DeFi revolution!

About Sovi Finance

SOVI is the first blockchain-based Defi Revolution simulation strategy game that allows you to build your own army and apply your strategies to win the game and gain valuable assets. real value. Thus, SOVI allows gamers and crypto enthusiasts everywhere to participate in the new financial revolution by earning digital assets, generating NFTs and simply taking part in Exciting and fully interactive game world.

Keeping up with the current trend of “Play to earn”, SOVI is creating a revolution. Anyone can join the SOVI ecosystem, earn SOVI tokens and actively increase their income while having fun! Players are free to choose how they engage and play the game, and build their own strategies. SOVI also allows players to play against other gamers around the world, and whether they fight against each other, or build alliances, everyone can learn from each other, face the world and become a part of the new revolution!

About AntEx

Since its establishment, Antex has quickly been appreciated by the international community and the domestic community in building a payment gateway connecting cryptocurrencies and fiat. With the investment and cooperation of a large technology corporation and long experience in the field of e-commerce payment, NextTech, Antex promises to create an easy exchange and payment gateway. It is convenient for investors and helps those who have not had the opportunity to access cryptocurrencies to own them easily and safely. In addition, Antex also aims to help holders of cryptocurrencies use them easily in essential areas of life through VNDT. With the applications that AntEx is developing based on blockchain technology, investors will enjoy the benefits of transaction processing speed, transparency, safety and security, helping them to manage their funds well of its investment.

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