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AntEx Ecosystem completes Seed round

The AntEx team is honored to receive the support from a large investment fund like AVA Capital, taking the lead to complete the seed round. With the joining of Amun Capital, Victory Venture, Gelos Venture, 68 Trading MIC Holding Investment and Development JSC, Minh Quy Real Estate Development and Investment JSC, ATLANTIC Group Investment Corporation, BSCLaunch, Crypto ERA, TradecoinX1000BTC and Tienngay. AntEx investment partners have been selected based on their compatibility with the strategy and their ability to contribute to the long-term success of the AntEx ecosystem.

Seeing that the demand for DeFi experience is booming, AntEx wants to bring many useful products and toolkits to provide DeFi experience needs, meeting all the needs of DeFi users including payment, saving , borrowing, swap, storage, trading and so on.

With the launch of the AntLock product on August 16, AntEx’s goal is to be able to serve users securely and transparently in using DeFi. The project team adheres to the principle of product-first, and the top priority is product innovation and security. Going into the thirth quarter of 2021, AntEx wants to make early users and investors feel proud by bringing AntEx closer to its goal — to be the solution and also shape the standards for the DeFi space. Two other AntEx primary products, Ant DeFi Wallet and AntLaunch, will also be launched to the community in this quarter.

As the market continues evolving, AntEx is built to be a spearhead in the paradigm shift of the market, focused on providing crypto users with the most secure and transparent experience. AntEx is excited to start a new journey with the companionship of many large investment funds and institutions in the crypto market in the next journey into the upcoming Private round. AntEx will make continuous efforts to become a comprehensive and outstanding DeFi platform in the market, receiving the recognition and consumption of users around the world.

AntEx Token Sale — Private Sale is going on, please contact directly by email: for more information.

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