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Greetings to the Antex community.

The month of December ended with a slew of significant milestones in the Antex ecosystem’s evolution. We are extremely proud of the project team’s ongoing contributions, as well as the entire Antex-loving community’s unwavering support. Let’s take a look back at this fantastic month of December:

$ANTEX is listed on the BIBOX exchanges and now offers derivatives trading on the MEXC exchange.

$ANTEX continues to receive high praise from reputable exchanges, and the $ANTEX/ $USDT pair was officially listed on the BIBOX exchange in early December. Furthermore, BIBOX launched three enticing promotions: S-pool, Treasure Box, and Trading Competition to share $ANTEX rewards worth up to $62,500.

Bibox :

As a result, users can currently trade $ANTEX on 06 leading exchanges, including MEXC, Hotbit, ZT Global, Bibox, Pancakeswap, and DoDo. Pool liquidity is excellent, and transaction prices are consistent.

Furthermore, in order to provide a better trading experience and meet the diverse trading needs of its users, MEXC has launched Margin Trading on the ANTEX/USDT pair, with 4X long and short leverage. The daily borrowing rate for buy short is 0.05 percent, and the daily borrowing rate for sell long is 0.2 percent.

ANTEX/USDT trading:

$ANTEX has been officially listed on Coinecko.

Antex has been officially added to Coingecko, a cryptocurrency market intelligence platform with millions of daily visitors.

On this platform, users can check and update information about Antex:

The $ANTEX savings program has been launched on the VNDT wallet.

We officially launch the SAVING program for $ANTEX with attractive profits, flexible $ANTEX deposit time, the setup process, deposit management in just a few simple steps to thank investors holding $ANTEX governance tokens for enjoying many privileges in the Antex ecosystem.

The program received overwhelming community support when Savings $ANTEX for blocks 01, 02, and 03 successfully closed after only a few days of operation, with 36,000,000,000 $ANTEX deposited. The maximum profit of up to 45%/per year is applicable to block 01 and gradually decreases for the subsequent blocks.

The Savings Block 4 program is currently in effect. The following are the specifics:

  • Total Token Savings: 1,200,000,000 $ANTEX
  • Total amount of ANTEX saved: 716,820,959 $ANTEX
  • Remaining $ANTEX: 483,179, 041 $ANTEX

The SAVING feature on VNDT, combined with VNDT Stablecoin and ANTEX token, is quickly becoming an effective and secure passive income investment channel for investors and the Antex community:

  • Savings program on VNDT with a lot of savings will take advantage of the opportunity to join AntBox and invest in potential projects for sale on Antex.Finance
  • Attractive returns of up to 45 percent are available for $ANTEX, 13.5 percent for $VNDT, and 10% for other crypto assets.
  • With two packages, you can be flexible in terms of time. Fixed vs. Flexible Savings
  • Deposits can be set up and managed in minutes.
  • When we connect with Ngan Luong, a payment intermediary licensed by the state bank, we are completely safe.

Instructions for increasing income with VNDT Wallet can be found here.

VNDT is listing the top 50 cryptocurrencies with the highest liquidity.

VNDT has successfully listed the market’s top 50 cryptocurrencies, including: $ADA, $ATOM, $AVAX, $AXS, $BNB, $BTC, $BUSD, $C98, $CAKE, $DAI, $DOT, $ETH, $EOS, $FIL, $FTM,$FTT,$HT, $LTC,$MATIC,$OKB, $SOL, $TRC,$FTM, $SHIBA, $

Users could use the VNDT app to store, deposit/withdraw, and swap the aforementioned cryptocurrencies for USDT.

Experience now at: Android | iOS

VNDT participated in the Stellar Foundation’s community vote round.

VNDT Wallet and VNDT Stable-coin — an Antex ecosystem product — have been chosen by the Stellar Foundation as one of the typical and potential projects promoting the use of Stellar technology in exchange and cross-border transactions, blockchain technology application through VNDT stable-coin and VNDT wallet solutions.

More information can be found at

IDO supported three potential projects on the Antex.Finance platform.

Antex.Finance is one of the most effective crowdfunding platforms, seamlessly connecting crypto project developers and investors. The only location that offers all of the features required for a crypto project to raise capital, distribute tokens in multiple rounds, lock liquidity, list the exchange, and build investor trust. Antex.Finance supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon on multiple platforms (Matic).

Antex.Finance took a big step forward in December when it helped fundraise for three promising projects:

1.Rise of Defenders

In terms of strategy and character diversity, this is the best NFT game. Rise of Defenders aspires to build a Metaverse NFT Game world in which players can build bases, recruit armies, and establish their own kingdoms. By deploying a powerful army, players can also attack and compete with other players.

Start time: December 29, 2021, 14:00 UTC

1st round (14:00 UTC — 14:30 UTC)

Appearance: Only those on the Whitelist have this ability.

Round two (14:30 UTC — 17:00 UTC)

FCFS — Everyone is welcome to participate.

IDOV#1 ’s Rise of Defenders has concluded successfully🎉

🔥 In 30 minutes, all $50,000 worth of RDR tokens were SOLD OUT.

2.Ancient Kingdom

Ancient Kingdom is an NFT metaverse game in which you can command your own soldiers and collect unique items (NFTs) from the game’s ecosystem. The Ancient Kingdom business model requires that players be compensated financially for their time and efforts in the game. Ancient warrior heroes are constantly engaged in wars for resources, territory, and dominance in the Ancient Kingdom.

Our communication channels will be updated with the opening time.

3. Dragon SB

DragonSB is the first Metaverse MMORPG game based on the Terra Protocol and the Binance Smart Chain. A game with beautiful graphics and an appealing PvP mode promises to bring extremely high-level competitions as well as a unique play-to-earn mechanism to effectively increase income for players.

Our communication channels will be updated with the opening time.

If you are an investor, please contact us as soon as possible to receive great solutions for bringing your project to a large investor community.

Details about the product can be found at

Product Improvements

  1. VNDT Wallet 5.0 is now available. There are several improvements in this version that provide a smooth user experience and absolute security:
  • App notification feature
  • Enable FaceID / Fingerprint Recognition
  • Bugs should be fixed.
  • Improve the UI/UX experience

2. Launch the V-Pay function on your VNDT wallet to connect your cryptocurrency to the real world.

Antex — VNDT is the first to provide a platform for users to use cryptocurrency to exchange goods and pay bills. We collaborate with leading payment gateway partners such as NextPay, Vimo, NganLuong, and NextOne to ensure a quick, secure transaction.

At the moment, you can exchange cryptocurrency by scanning QR codes for bills such as electricity, water, air tickets, or shopping,… at over 18,000 points of sale and partners across the country.

Try V-Pay now and let us know your thoughts!

3. AntBox and AntNest — New Product Officially Launched

Two super products enable $ANTEX holders to participate in the Private Sale / Presale internal funding round of potential Antex Ventures projects that have been researched and approved.

The user must “Save” $ANTEX on VNDT wallet according to the terms of the Savings program in order to join AntBox.

The user Lock $ANTEX on ( according to the pre-installed program is required to join AntNest.

Other details, such as the amount of $ANTEX savings, the lock, the purchase limit, vesting, and so on, will be announced for each project.

Collaboration and ecosystem expansion

ANTEX — VNDT is integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to help ensure the accuracy and liquidity of the ecosystem’s financial services.

Antex has access to the high-quality, tamper-proof pricing required to give ecosystem users complete confidence that their assets are accurately valued in real time.

“By incorporating Chainlink Price Feeds, we are able to provide the best quality of service to our users by utilizing secure and reliable price data.” “We anticipate that this integration will be long-lasting, as Chainlink will provide a price feed for many more assets in the future to support additional collateral on Antex,” said Henry Tran — CEO.






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