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AntEx Ecosystem Officially Launches VNDT Cryptocurrency Wallet, Setting New Standards in Vietnam Cryptocurrency World

Aiming to create an online payment ecosystem that delivers convenient and practical payment transaction experiences to users and accelerate the transformation from the real world to the digital world through cryptocurrencies, Vietnam’s first cryptocurrency ecosystem — AntEx has officially launched the VNDT cryptocurrency wallet with the goal of supporting digital assets on various blockchain platforms. With the applications that AntEx is developing based on blockchain technology, users could reap the benefits of transaction processing speed, transparency, safety, and security, users can manage their investments better.

The VNDT wallet establishes an efficient, sustainable connection between the VNDT stable coin and other cryptocurrencies listed in the ecosystem. Based on the connection with payment gateways such as Nganluong, Vimo, Tienngay, the VNDT wallet is built as a bridge in order to make a payment for daily life services in cryptocurrency. It also accelerates the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the real world.

With the VNDT stable coin and VNDT wallet, AntEx ecosystem is in an effort to build the AntEx next-generation blockchain platform that aims to create a convenient infrastructure and improves the crypto assets interoperability in real life with unique and competitive extensions.

With basic functions such as storing, withdrawing, depositing, and swapping cryptocurrency, VNDT is a secure, seamless cryptocurrency wallet that users should experience.

In addition, AntEx is going to launch the AntEx exchange and issue ANT utility tokens, complete the savings and mortgages products in cryptocurrency via VNDT wallet. The vision of AntEx is to become one of the largest global crypto-financial trading and connection hubs built by Vietnamese engineers, technology experts, and financial experts. A range of products are expected to be completed and launched in the third quarter of 2021.

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