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AntEx establishes strategic partnership with BSClaunch

We are pleased to announce to the AntEx community about establishment of a partnership with BSClaunch — a multifunctional integration protocol built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. This partnership will focus on building bridges for quality projects, and partners will work closely to create synergy and success.

As a next-generation DeFi platform with an Ecosystem launcher, BSCLaunch has very strong communities and incubation capabilities. We are excited to partner with BSCLaunch and are confident that their resources and connections will make AntEx’s Ecosystem stronger than ever. In this partnership, AntEx will contribute to help investors in its network have more opportunities to access quality projects deployed on BSClaunch. In addition, BSClaunch will also help investors in its community to understand better and easily access the AntEx ecosystem.

About BSClaunch

BSClaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain that allows projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment and investment community with safety, freedom and equal opportunity. BSClaunch is not just a Launchpad, they’re also an ecosystem launcher that offers a full suite of DeFi solutions.

BSCLaunch will not only provide a very secure and fully supported Launchpad for fundraising for a single product, therewith also for multi-product projects! It also opens up the possibility of complementary but separate projects to group themselves and launch together. It is a premier launcher that provides comprehensive solutions for incubating future unicorns of the DeFi landscape and is a one-stop investment platform that allows community members to invest fairly and equally.

About AntEx

Since its establishment, Antex has been quickly appreciated by the international community and the domestic community in building a payment gateway connecting cryptocurrencies and fiat. With the investment and cooperation of a large technology corporation and long experience in the field of e-commerce payment is NextTech, Antex promises to create an exchange and payment gateway, which is easy and convenient for investors, and help those who have not had the opportunity to access cryptocurrencies to own them easily and safety. In addition, Antex also aims at helping holders of cryptocurrencies easily use them in essential areas of life through VNDT. With the applications that AntEx is developing based on blockchain technology, investors will enjoy the benefits of transaction processing speed, transparency, safety and security, helping them to manage their funds well in investment.

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