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AntEx forms a Strategic Partnership with KardiaChain

AntEx forms a Strategic Partnership with KardiaChain

We are pleased to announce to the KardiaChain and AntEx community on …, KardiaChain has signed a cooperation agreement with AntEx — an exchange ecosystem and payment gateway that connects cryptocurrencies and fiat coins. Exchanges on KardiaChain’s network will offer trading pairs that VNDT plays the key role of a stablecoin for pairing.

AntEx is one of the strategic partners of KardiaChain. This partnership is formed to fulfill the mission of providing a fast and convenient payment gateway on the KardiaChain blockchain network. Also, this win-win relationship would allow AntEx’s users to exchange and withdraw VNDT easily and quickly rely on the KardiaChain network while helping the KardiaChain network to be popularized to the user’s community.

About KardiaChain

KardiaChain is the first world-class non-invasive multi-connected blockchain platform. KardiaChain’s unique technology is based on a Dual Node that allows a non-invasive connection with any public blockchain and the internal blockchain. Furthermore, it allows exchanging of digital assets, data between blockchains and decentralized applications on KardiaChain’s platform.

About AntEx

The international world and the internal community have praised AntEx for creating a cryptocurrency and fiat connection payment gateway since its introduction. AntEx claims to establish an easy exchange and payment gateway with the funding and assistance of NextTech, a prominent technology business with extensive experience in the e-commerce payment area. It is advantageous not only for investors, but also for individuals who have never had the opportunity to interact with cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure manner. Additionally, AntEx’s VNDT stablecoin intends to make it easier for cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets in everyday life. Investors will benefit from the transaction processing speed, transparency, safety, and security that AntEx’s blockchain-based applications provide, allowing them to better manage their investment.

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