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AntEx Forms the Strategic Partnership with VIMO

VIMO E-Wallet, one of the most popular e-wallets in Vietnam, has entered a cooperative arrangement with AntEx. This project aims to merge the real world with the digital world through cryptocurrencies by integrating their respective ecosystems. It is with great anticipation that the AntEx team looks forward to this partnership’s remarkable success.

Vimo and Antex will have collaboration to make Antex gains more popularity among users through Vimo’s e-wallet application. AntEx’s VNDT wallet application will quickly become familiar to millions of Vimo users, making it easier for clients to access the world of cryptocurrencies and to own, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies through a fiat-crypto payment channel. VNDT is a decentralized mobile cryptocurrency payment system, designed with cross-chain built on several Blockchains. Building a global payment network takes several years, but working with payment gateway Vimo accelerates adoption and decreases execution risk.

About Vimo

Vimo Technology Joint Stock Company is part of NextTech Technology Group. Vimo is one of the most popular e-wallets in Vietnam. It is an official member of the Vietnam Bankers Association (VNBA) and is licensed by the Vietnam State Bank. Vimo, Vietnam’s first mobile wallet, gives clients such conveniences as card linking, depositing, and withdrawing money, topping up phones, purchasing phone card codes and games, paying bills, and paying loans, etc. Vimo’s entire cashless payment services, including domestic and international QR Pay payment services, payday payments, donate via credit card, and Cashback services, have been adopted by many significant retailers and shopping malls. It has offices in five main cities across the country. The monthly trading volume is believed to be in the hundreds of billions of Vietnamese dongs (VND).

About AntEx

The international world and the internal community have praised Antex for creating a cryptocurrency and fiat connection payment gateway since its introduction. Antex claims to establish an easy exchange and payment gateway with the funding and assistance of NextTech, a prominent technology business with extensive experience in the e-commerce payment area. It is advantageous not only for investors, but also for individuals who have never had the opportunity to interact with cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure manner.

Additionally, Antex’s VNDT stable coin intends to make it easier for cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets in daily life. Investors will benefit from the transaction processing speed, transparency, safety, and security that AntEx’s blockchain-based applications provide, allowing them to manage their investment better.

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