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4 min readFeb 4, 2022


Hello Antex-ians community,

January has officially ended with many activities taking place on the Antex ecosystem. Let’s take a look at the activities the project team has brought to the community of Antex supporters and lovers, as well as the newly expanded partnerships and connections to the Antex ecosystem. has helped 2 projects GameFi ROD and Acdom IDO succeed with crowdfunding rounds within seconds, SOLD OUT

🔥 All $50,000 worth of RDR tokens were sold out within seconds of opening FCFS on Reach an ATH x7.5x the IDO price. The Rise of Denfenders project’s $RDR token is now listed on PancakeSwap, people can search for the $RDR token and trade here:

Buy $RDR tokens on PancakeSwap:

🔥Continuing the success of the Rise of Defenders project. Antex also made the Ancient Kingdom IDOV project a success on with the FCFS funding round ending in seconds. Currently $DOM token is available on PancakeSwap and MEXC. People can trade $DOM tokens on Pancake here:

Buy $DOM on PancakeSwap:

7,450,028 $ANTEX tokens burned

Through the auction rounds to be able to participate in buying IDOV, Private sale on, 7,450,028 $ANTEX Tokens were burned in Antex smart contract. Reduces the number of $ANTEX tokens in circulation. Details of the $ANTEX token burn process can be found at:

Officially launched VNDT CRYPTO LOAN

Besides VNDT CRYPTO SAVING, Antex has officially launched the VNDT CRYPTO LOAN function on VNDT wallet. CRYPTO LOAN function on VNDT wallet, providing an optimal solution for capital for users who do not want to liquidate assets at the time of capital need. VNDT Crypto Loans offers a wide choice of supported crypto assets, interest rates, collateral and maximum borrowing limits based on market conditions and our risk management practices. .

Outstanding advantages of crypto Loan on VNDT:

  • Loans with a limit of up to 88% of digital collateral
  • Diverse types of digital assets to lend and use as collateral for loans.
  • Flexible loan terms with options of 7,14, 30, 90 and 180 days.
  • Disbursement time is less than 10 seconds. The digital assets you borrow can be withdrawn immediately wherever you are
  • It’s completely secure as we control risk through the easy-to-use collateral rates of each cryptocurrency.

🔰 Instructions on VNDT CRYPTO LOAN:

Successfully launched SAVING $ANTEX BLOCK 4, 5

In January, following the great success of SAVING $ANTEX BLOCK 1, 2, 3 programs. Antex successfully launched two Blocks 5 and 6 with a total of $ANTEX put into Savings of $2,400,000. ANTEX with an interest rate of about 25%.

SAVING feature on VNDT with VNDT Stablecoin and ANTEX token is becoming an effective and safe passive income investment channel for investors and Antex community:

  • Great incentives of Saving program on VNDT
  • Enjoy the privilege of joining AntBox and have the opportunity to invest in potential projects open for sale on Antex.Finance
  • Attractive returns up to 45% apply to $ANTEX, 13.5% to $VNDT and 10% to other crypto assets.
  • Flexible in terms of time, with two packages Fixed Savings & Flexible Savings
  • Set up and manage deposits in minutes
  • Absolutely safe when we link with Ngan Luong, a payment intermediary licensed by the state bank.

SHARE LOVE, procession of the God of Wealth with VNDT UP TO 1 BILLION VND

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year celebration, Antex offers users who have been using VNDT wallet an extremely meaningful program with a total reward value of up to 1 BILLION VND. With only 2 extremely simple steps: downloading the app and KYC, you can participate in the program and join VNDT “Bring money home”.


Application period: From January 29, 2022 to February 15, 2022

Program rules: Perform tasks to receive tickets to the lucky wheel, receive a mysterious gift box containing $VNDT, $ANTEX or a warm New Year wish. Tasks to get tickets:

1. Users who already have a VNDT account will be given 2 tickets immediately.

2. Invite friends to download VNDT wallet, each invite is successfully downloaded and KYC customers: each person gets 5 tickets

3. Each VNDT top-up will get 1 ticket free

4. Each VNDT withdrawal transaction is given 1 ticket

5. Each saving transaction on VNDT is given 5 tickets

6. Each Loan transaction on VNDT is given 5 tickets

7. Each swap transaction on VNDT gets 1 ticket, maximum 10 tickets/day

8. Give each other 1 free ticket

Expanding partnership with Infinity Parking

The Antex ecosystem expanded its partnership with Infinity Parking this January. Infinity Parking is an NFT-based GameFi that allows anyone to own unique PNFT cars to head to the futuristic world. PNFT cars not only become your icons in the virtual world, but also play an important role in the development of the Metaverse universe.

👉 Detailed information about the relationship between Antex and Infinity Parking:

👉 Information about Infinity Parking: