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AntEx’s Unicorn Journey in the Vietnamese Crypto Market

It’s no secret that technology and financial enthusiasts are fascinated by the concept of cryptocurrency. Millions of transactions are made every second, and the market capitalization of these currencies is increasing steadily in any country. There are no flexible financial infrastructures between fiat money and cryptocurrencies, and no commercial systems that take cryptocurrencies, so the usage of electronic money in daily life is still inadequate. So, cryptocurrency consumers do not have access to an ecosystem that provides a secure and reliable trading environment.

Viet Nam’s cryptocurrency sector is ideal for development, and AntEx has been working to create a new generation of cryptocurrency ecosystems with its stable coin VNDT and cryptocurrency wallet VNDT as the main products. AntEx’s stablecoin VNDT promotes the usage of cryptocurrency in everyday life. VNDT is essentially an open-source stablecoin based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20), TRC-20, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and KRC20. AntEx and its partners will work together to create a chain of cryptocurrency transactions which include lending, investing, trading, and so on, with VNDT playing a prominent role throughout all activities. In addition, the AntEx ecosystem provides two quick and convenient payment methods: QR-Code scanning and Visa/Mastercard co-branded bank cards. Users can also enjoy a variety of benefits when using cryptocurrencies to process payments in the AntEx ecosystem.

AntEx’s team also created the VNDT cryptocurrency wallet to assure consumers’ safe and transparent cryptocurrency transactions. AntEx will make it easier for Vietnamese users to use cryptocurrency to pay for their daily necessities by partnering with trusted payment gateways such as Ngan Luong, Vimo, and mPos. The AntEx ecosystem’s user community can also profit more from their idle crypto assets by engaging in secure and transparent savings and lending activities on the AntEx platform.

ANT — the utility token of the AntEx ecosystem — has been audited by Certik, one of the major auditing firms in the cryptocurrency industry, and will be one of the value portfolios of investing funds and investors in the near future. About VNDT Is a stablecoin produced by AntEx, the value of stablecoin VNDT is fixed equivalent to the value of VND and will become the standard measure of value for financial activities taking place within the AntEx ecosystem.

AntEx’s cooperation with Nexttech, a “tech beast”, will also assist AntEx to add more resources, to generate breakthrough innovations, and to fulfill its aim of establishing centralized and decentralized exchanges and technological advancements. A long-term strategy and excellent technological facilities are helping AntEx to dispel earlier preconceptions about cryptocurrency. In the coming days, the Vietnamese people should be able to stay a step ahead of a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency wallet, and above all, a new generation blockchain produced by Vietnamese intellectuals.

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