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Blockchain incorporated into Finance, the Future of Fintech — Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh

After unremitting efforts to develop the project in the past time, AntEx is warmly pleased to inform the community about the participation as a Strategic Advisor of Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh — CEO and Founder of Nexttech Group, multinational corporation pioneering in the field of Digital Technology services with annual revenue of over 90 million USD.

Who is Shark Binh?

Shark Binh full name is Nguyen Hoa Binh. He was born in 1981 and currently holds the position of Chairman of NextTech Group — a multinational group of more than 40 companies, pioneering in the field of Digital Services with an ecosystem of more than 20 businesses in the field of Commerce. Trade, Logistics, FinTech and owns many famous technology brands such as mPoS, VIMO, Boxme, FastGo, Ngan Luong, etc… He participated in Shark Tank Vietnam 2019 program as an investor. The name Shark Binh was also born here.

As a technology enthusiast, he started interacting with computers and tinkering with writing software since he was in high school. In 2001, when he was just a second year student at the University of Technology (under Hanoi National University), Mr. Binh started a business. He founded the company PeaceSoft — specializing in writing software for corporate agencies. At that time, Mr. Binh was both the owner and employee of his own company and built and steered PeaceSoft alone.

Nowday, Mr. Binh has more than 20 years of experience starting a business in the field of Internet & Payment. He holds a master’s degree in Urban Informatics from Osaka City University and has won more than 30 prestigious technology awards during his business career. Over the past decade, with tireless work and constant creativity, businessman Nguyen Hoa Binh has now “steadily rowed” to make NextTech a pioneer in many new technology fields such as commercial e-commerce, e-payment, finance and logistics…

Nexttech invests in AntEx — the future of electronic payments.

The NextTech Business Group is a group of emerging Digital Commerce pioneers across Southeast Asia. Founded in 2001 as PeaceSoft, started an online business in 2004, expanded to Southeast Asia in 2014 with 1,200 employees in 8 offices worldwide.

In July, NextTech officially announced the contract to invest $ 2.5 million in the AntEx ecosystem to develop the project faster and stronger. Together with NextTech’s companion in the upcoming period, AntEx will accelerate the process of completing products on staking, saving and lending on VNDT Wallet. In addition, the AntEx DeFi Wallet decentralized wallet, the fundraising platform for AntLaunch Start-ups, the token lock platform, the Antlock token and liquidity product and VN Smartchain will also be launched soon.

With this investment, AntEx’s core product, the stablecoin VNDT, will grow faster and more efficiently, strengthening blockchain technology and cryptocurrency settlement. AntEx and Nexttech are currently focused on adding value to the company by establishing the specialized skill sets needed to complete specific projects, providing consumers with completely immersive new experiences, they will create a next-generation blockchain whose main purpose is to meet the needs of digital asset trading and investment.

With the participation of Shark Binh as a strategic advisor and the companion of NextTech, the AntEx team seems to be given wings to help the AntEx ecosystem quickly achieve its goal of becoming a high-end cryptocurrency ecosystem. international standards created and implemented by Vietnamese people. With blockchain technology, Vietnamese technology experts and engineers can completely make world-class technology products.

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