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Overview of Antex ecosystem in October: Successful presale and many important milestones!

Hello Ants,

The first thing we want to say is thank you to all of you who have been with Antex since the early days, who have just come and decided to “side” with us to develop the ecosystem, and also who don’t know yet will soon become part of us. All of you — the Antex community is the biggest thing we’ve had in months after months of development.

Antex — a decentralized financial ecosystem and VNDT digital bank has been cherished by our team since the end of 2020. By July 2021 we will launch VNDT wallet to the community, up to now in 2 months of operation we have reached 100k users from more than 30 countries. Released Antlock in Aug 2021. Antex wallet was launched on the last day of September 2021, after 10 days of launch we have more than 6k users. In more than 3 months since launch, we have had 108k members in Antex Global group, Twitter has 125k followers, and have communities in 16 countries. To achieve such achievements is thanks to the love and support of the entire community. We are extremely grateful and appreciative of that. We always improve every day to perfect our products, expand the market to develop Antex more and more powerful.

We are very pleased and proud that the process of developing the ecosystem has been developing on the right track. The first month of Q4–2021 has ended, to start November more brilliantly with a series of product updates and Public Sale waiting, let’s take a look back at the wonderful October:

1. Presale program was successful beyond expectations!

October 10th is a memorable and meaningful day for us. After the success of the Whitelist event with impressive results ( ⭐️ Number of Participants: 83,249 ⭐️ , Total Entries: 101,152,337, ⭐️ Action: 544,006) — we raised 2,076,680 USDT and entered 10:00 UTC 10/0 we opened the Presale to the entire community and achieved great results, the entire hardcap was reached in only 30 seconds. And during the Presale, there were more than 200k visits to Antex website causing access errors at some point. There has been lucky people who have been able to connect and have successfully purchased, and also the ones who have not been able to connect. We sincerely thank you for your absolute support for Antex and also sincerely apologize for the remaining allocation of the Presale round today is too small. But don’t worry, Antex’s public sale will take place in the near future, you will have the next opportunity to own ANTEX tokens. The specific time for the public sale will be announced soon on Antex’s communication channels. Please continue to follow and support us.

“As such, Antex has raised a total of $7.3 million, of which $4.8 million through ANTEX token sale rounds and $2.5 million from NextTech Group and Next100 Venture.

The funds raised will be used to build and upgrade innovative products of the Antex Ecosystem including Ant-Launch, Ant-Lock, Ant-Dex, Antex wallet as well as VNDT wallet and VNDT stablecoin.

During the upcoming Public Sale, 3,000,000,000 ANTEX tokens (3% of total supply) will be sold for $0.00025. Public Sale opening date will be announced soon.” — Cointelegraph

As part of the presale campaigns, the Airdrop event of ANTEX and CoinMarketCap ended with unexpected results:

🔰 Total number of participants: 345,622

🏆 Number of winners : 20,000

This is an impressive number and we are proud to receive your love! Thanks everyone!

2. Important feature updates for VNDT Wallet!

Boom!! VNDT SAVING officially launched!

On the first day of October, we are happy to officially launch the VNDT SAVING program on the VNDT e-wallet super app after many days of cherishing!

It has received a great response from the user community as it effectively provides the opportunity to increase passive income for users through VNDT Stablecoin and many other leading cryptocurrencies.

This feature allows users to deposit safely, quickly and efficiently with attractive returns of up to 15%/year for VNDT and 10% for other cryptocurrencies; including fixed time and flexible time.

Find out right here:

Integrated eKYC, enhanced security for users

With the goal of becoming a “digital banking” application in the cryptocurrency world. VNDT Wallet is constantly improving service quality with the application of digital transformation technologies and automation features to help users have a seamless and safe experience. On October 16th, VNDT Wallet has successfully upgraded and applied eKYC

Outstanding features of VNDT eKYC:

▪️ Using AI to extract information on personal papers (OCR)

▪️ Use AI to verify portraits and personal documents

Benefits that VNDT eKYC brings:

⚡️ Fast: Minimize KYC execution time, fully automatic and fast

⚡️ Transparency: With AI and Blockchain technology, fake information registrations and updates will be minimized.

⚡️ Savings: Helps reduce operating costs in customer information verification and service registration.

In order to make transactions more Secure and make our system able to ensure the functions under development : V-PAY , QR Code, Withdrawal Transaction .. completion of eKYC is required . Applicable to all customers who have and have not done KYC!

3. Partner

Partners joined Antex’s ecosystem in October.

On October 5th, Antex established a partnership with 5ROI — a multi-application financial and cryptocurrency trading platform, which has spread across 52 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the American and European

In this partnership ANTEX and 5ROI will jointly promote the applicability of both ecosystems across both engineering and marketing.

🔸 The VNDO / VNDT trading pair will be listed on 5ROI to provide a flexible payment option between cryptocurrencies and fiat money, bringing benefits to the investor communities of both sides.

🔸 Antex and 5ROI join joint marketing plans to increase presence and build sustainable communities worldwide

👉 See more details: here

👉About 5ROI:

On October 7th, Antex and Snapex successfully established a strategic partnership!

▪️The first major milestone of this partnership is the listing of the VNDT stable coin on the Snapex trading platform, followed by the opening of trading for USDT/VNDT and other pairs as their integration progresses. We complete, meet the growing transaction needs from customers.

In addition, SnapEx incorporates the Antex ecosystem in its communication plans, helping the project to widely reach the Vietnamese and international community.

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👉 See details here

👉 About Snapex : Website | Twitter | Telegram

On October 8th, announced a new strategic partnership with Crypto FOMO. In the campaign to expand the Antex ecosystem, Crypto FOMO will participate in communication plans, bringing Antex and its products to the international community, in a sustainable way. The partnership between Crypto FOMO and Antex is expected to bring great results in terms of Marketing, allowing Antex and ecosystem products to become the leading provider of the Blockchain market, especially in terms of platform. DeFi platform. Besides, Antex brings cryptocurrency to real life easier.

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BE READY FOR GREAT things come!

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