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On the afternoon of September 9th, the AntEx project leadership successfully organized an ONLINE MEET-UP : “ANTEX — INVESTORS AND CUSTOMERS CONFERENCE”. This is the first conference since AntEx completed two rounds of funding Seed Round and Private with unexpected success, and achieved some proud achievements in the product development of the ecosystem, helping investors invest in grasping the project’s activities and development orientation in the context of the stormy development of cryptocurrencies generally with the increasingly wide application of blockchain technology in practice. The conference is pleased to welcome our guests including Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh, president of Nexttech technology group and also an angel investor, project advisory board, with 500 attendees and more than 35 business partners of the company. AntEx, especially the deep sharing of Shark Binh and experts in the financial and technology fields from associated partners such as Heaven’s Gate, Moonka, Kardia Chain, brings to attendees the unique contents and leaves a lot of emotions.

Following is a summary of the program to help you and your friends understand the key issues. For program details, please review the video on our Fanpage / Youtube channel here

Mr. Henry Tran, CEO of AntEx, opened the conference program, sharing about AntEx’s vision and mission. With 15 years of experience in the field of financial investment and entering the cryptocurrency market since 2017 when realizing the limitless potential of this field, he and his associates always cherish to build a non-commercial ecosystem. comprehensive, long-term focus and contribute to the market, bringing Vietnamese blockchain technology products to the world. In early 2021, he and his associates launched the AntEx ecosystem, with 4 product segments: decentralized crypto asset management & NFT & VNDT e-wallet crypto-fiat gateway, calling platform startup capital, Decentralized Exchange and VN smart chain blockchain platform. “The long-term Vision and Mission of the AntEx ecosystem: to be the most convenient, optimized and secure platform for “Developers/Founding Teams and Communities”, he shared. The first steps of the ecosystem were impulsed when receiving investment from large technology corporations such as Nexttech, domestic and foreign investment funds, including Atlantic capital, Minh Quy, MC Holding, Victory Venture, Amun Capital, AVA capital, Gelos Ventures, ADN Capital, Halvings Capital,, BSCLaunch, Crypto Erra, Trade Coin X1000BTC, Ant Trading, Launch Zone, Easy Crypto, AliTrade, 68 Trading, BFA Group, CHIP Group, as well as support of the crypto community in Vietnam and the world … Especially, in addition to pouring capital of more than 2.5 million USD to develop the project faster and stronger, integrating electronic payment technologies, resulting Connecting hundreds of partners and large customer base of Nexttech ecosystem, bringing crypto applications to real life. Specifically, after a short time of launch, VNDT e-wallet, which is likened to a digital bank, applies crypto to life and essential services, has recorded more than 55,000 users in 28 countries around the world. world. In addition, AntEx is making constant efforts to develop partnerships with more than 35 partners in many different fields, diversifying the ecosystem, bringing crypto applications to real life. This really gives us confidence in the goal and mission that AntEx is pursuing.

Deciphering the attraction of AntEx, according to Mr. Ha, product manager of AntEx, first of all, it is “the innovative, flexible and secure products of the AntEx ecosystem that solve the problems about core products of the crypto market in the AntEx ecosystem” such as crypto trading in the real world is very little compared to actual demand, platforms, the use of crypto through payment support, exchanges face many barriers due to problems legal issues, security, technical infrastructure, knowledge, experience. In addition, in the Defi space, launchpad projects face poor financial management, token lock-in and liquidity lock-up leading to price fluctuations before the project is released and after the launch of the project. release. Especially as the NFT market develops in many different directions, storing this special token requires a dedicated wallet….

Let’s take a look at the key products of the ecosystem in Mr. Ha Egan analysis:

VNDT wallet and VNDT stablecoin, guaranteed by Ngan Luong, like a digital bank, exchanging crypto for daily necessities, through the mechanism of exchanging crypto to VNDT, through payment gateway Vimo algorithm, connecting with hundreds of brands.

Antex decentralized wallet with user-friendly interface, cryptographic and NFT storage function, swapping at the most optimal cost by applying public smart contract data scanning technology.

Antlaunch provides ILO Launchpad (Initial Liquidity Provision) service; IDOV — Initial DEX Offering and Vesting is a model of selective fundraising through DEX. With three (03) unique features: Fundraising platform, Listing and liquidity lock are combined in a Smart Contract, creating trust transparency for investors and ensuring the sustainable development of the project. judgment.

The AntDEX Decentralized Exchange will provide a truly user-friendly DEX trading experience with constantly updated features. In particular, VN Smart chain provides a blockchain platform for developers and applications for business activities in various fields….

Besides profitable products, AntEx’s management focuses on developing AntEx Academy & Research, AntLab, which conducts in-depth research on blockchain technology, security technology, AI — Artificial Intelligence to create core products for the global blockchain market, touching all user needs in the closest way. Another outstanding feature of the non-profit product segment that AntEx strives to deploy in the fourth quarter of 2021 is the Charity platform, which makes it easy to publicize and transparent charity activities. At the conference, Mr. Ha Egan also shared the development roadmap of ecosystem products, especially the launch of two decentralized products, Antex wallet and Antlaunch fundraising platform at the end of this September, helping investors have a more holistic view of the ecosystem as well as the potential for future expansion.

The seminar program became hotter than ever when shark Nguyen Hoa Binh, president of Nexttech technology group, angel investor and project advisory board shared his investment decision in the ecosystem. AntEx blockchain and concerns to bring Vietnamese intellectual products to international level. NextTech has more than 20 years of experience in the digital field, owns a digital economic ecosystem focused in many fields from e-commerce, fintech, logistics, investment in start-ups. Shark Binh shared his change of mind, whether society should operate a distributed system after witnessing large corporations, with highly centralized models being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions on freedom of speech from centralized platforms or transparency issues in charitable activities, etc. However, Vietnam does not have a strong decentralized technology ecosystem, there is no connection between crypto and real life because of the lack of a reliable stable coin, while NextTech has a supporting technology ecosystem for hundreds of retailers, millions of users. Thus, they can buy, sell, ship goods and pay with each other through modern electronic payment tools such as Ngan Luong or Vimo, which can greatly assist to solve this connection problem. Moreover, he is also concerned about the fact that Vietnamese technology start-ups are being inferior to foreign technologies in their home turf due to the poor ability to mobilize capital, as well as the support tools are not strong enough for Vietnamese technology products to compete in the international market. Big technologies that have been successful in the market like NextTech, needs to become a launching pad, helping to bring Vietnamese intellectual products to the world. In July, NextTech officially announced the contract to invest $ 2.5 million, in the AntEx ecosystem to develop the project faster and stronger. NextTech’s investment choice was approved after a rigorous evaluation of the overall AntEx ecosystem, products and especially the development team, one of the prerequisites for the success of the project. The handshake between NextTech and AntEx is considered to combine the strengths of both sides to develop a comprehensive blockchain product ecosystem, serving as a launching pad for technology products of Vietnamese startups to the world. Accordingly, AntEx’s financial technology products are inherited and applied on the NextTech multi-platform ecosystem and large number of users, including: Ngan Luong — a payment intermediary gateway, Vimo — a payment platform mobile wallet, and E-commerce, etc.

“I strongly believe in this project. First of all, the core team is professional, reputable and highly specialized. Furthermore, the AntEx ecosystem and VNDT stablecoin are considered as the missing pieces to complete the ecosystem. Cryptocurrency blockchain in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.We hope that we can provide more quality products to serve our digital finance users globally in the coming years. With blockchain technology, Vietnamese technology experts and engineers can completely make world-class technology products,” shared Chairman of the Board — Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuat, Co-Founder of NextTech, Co-Founder and CEO of NextPay & Mpos, also shared, now with NextTech’s available technology, combined with the technology and experience of the AntEx operation team, the products of the AntEx ecosystem are certainly capable enough to fully meet the needs of users in the blockchain market, and at the same time can expand into the traditional market, towards a large market of user.

The workshop closed with a question-and-answer session for the AntEx team, shark Binh and guests from the partners, giving more in-depth answers about the AntEx ecosystem and cooperation opportunities in the near future. The best questions selected by the organizers will be given attractive gifts. For more details, please keep following the new updates on our media channel.

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