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VNDT Vietnamese Stable Coin is the next step toward a Cashless Society of AntEx Ecosystem

VNDT Vietnamese stable coin is the next step toward a cashless society of AntEx ecosystem

Nowadays, billions of people worldwide are unable to access even the most basic services via digital assets, and thus are unable to save or manage their fiat and crypto efficiently and securely. The global pandemic COVID-19 has only perpetuated the absence of flexible financial infrastructure, which has led to approximately cryptocurrency users having no consistent financial safety net to fall back on.

Recent innovations in the crypto space promise a much more equitable financial system where the unbanked and underbanked can access more means to build the powerful fiat-crypto ecosystem and the AntEx ecosystem will help to open the door to these inclusive wealth creation opportunities with VNDT stable coins. VNDT is built on ERC-20, TRC-20, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Transparency is at the core of VNDT ‘s offering, unlike many other coins that have often been opaque. AntEx’s VNDT stable coins like USDT offer a completely stable environment for people to enjoy the benefits of digital currency with a spendable currency that they can understand, and a coin that they can be sure will retain its stable value. With the variety of preferences such as low fees, low risks, easy to set up, track and manage payments in just a few minutes, VNDT stable-coin accelerates crypto adoption and crypto-fiat exchange to real-life. AntEx’s ecosystem also comes with an easy-to-use payment application. Users can pay by the co-branded bank VNDT with Visa or Mastercard and receive cashback up to 10% when they pay for services by cryptocurrencies in the AntEx ecosystem without annual fees.

AntEx’s team creates the most secure and transparent crypto transactions by VNDT wallet and the wallet is linked with the NextTech ecosystem. VNDT is also particularly linked with Ngan Luong, Vimo payment gateways. AntEx delivers comprehensive value to the users’ community with VNDT. It will become an excellent medium of exchange and will be present in all territories to carry out the digital assets revolution throughout the World.

VNDT will go toward further scaling “on-demand” access to the multi-chain wallets. VNDT’s goal is to make this much more broadly available, offering access via an all-in-one model that users can use their crypto or fiat in real life. Payment gateway partnership specifically has a very important role to play in the advancement of the AntEx ecosystem.

Completely audited with fully transparent results, and with a clear smart contract listing exactly what backs every part of the AntEx ecosystem, VNDT stays pegged to the value of the dollar by being tied to a basket of other crypto-fiat.

AntEx with VNDT stable coins projects, for one, would do well to invest more resources towards creating efficient tools to bridge the crypto-fiat-services gap whether through guides or detailed strategies. Meanwhile, taking on a more transparency-focused approach that looks to debunk misconceptions and ensure that users are aware of the risks associated with crypto, will enable those users to navigate their entry into the VNDT ecosystem with greater ease and confidence

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