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Letter sent on Feb 16, 2017

7 Tips to Capture Breathtaking Aerial Photos

Photos that have been clicked from above the ground are called aerial photos. The photos can be clicked from any angle — from elevated to direct down position — depending on the position of the photographer.

Taking a look back into the history, the first aerial photo was taken in the year 1858 by a French photographer cum balloonist, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon. That first click does not even reach the standard of the most basic aerial photograph of present time. Though, the photo clicked by Mr. Tournachon does not exist now. However, when it was clicked, it caught loads of appreciation from everywhere.

That’s the magic of aerial photos. When you take a picture from a sky-like position — no matter your camera handling skills — pictures will be breathtaking. However, there are some tricks and tips that you can keep in order to enhance the quality of your aerial photos –

1. Find a way to go up in the sky. There are many ways to choose. Such as, helicopter, plane, aircraft, balloon, kites, sky towers, buildings, etc. However, when choosing kite, your camera goes up not you. Let’s say, you have booked a helicopter tour for aerial photography in Los Angeles.

2. Review what services you are being offered by the tour operator. You will need to check their recognition and services. Make sure that they cover all the important destinations in and around the city, so that you can take amazing aerial photos in Los Angeles.

3. Early morning or Evening? If you do not want bright and blurry spots in your aerial photos, you should avoid going for a helicopter ride during the daytime. Evening or late afternoon is considered the ideal time, however, some tour operators may offer rides early morning.

4. Use Safety tether to take photos fearlessly. When you are at a high altitude taking pictures of landscapes from different camera positions, and if you lose control of your photography equipment, you might end up damaging it or losing it midway. As a solution, you can use a safety tether that will help you keep the equipment attached with your body.

5. Remove the lens cover. Lens cover is an important part of your camera equipment. You would never want to lose it, would you? While on a ride at a highness, there is a decent air pressure along with fast-flowing airflow. The lens cover can create a great hurdle in your photography. So, it would be better to remove and keep it in the camera case while clicking aerial pictures.

6. Choose the right accessory and equipment. If you want to take some wonderful captures, then you must get your kit the right set of accessories. Make certain that you have good quality gloves, lenses, lens cleaner, camera, and stand.

7. Try to minimize vibrations and shakes. That’s the key to take great pictures. However, when on helicopter tour, it is next to impossible to avoid vibrations, however, you can take some steps to avoid vibrations. For example, ensure that the camera or your hands are not touching the window. Avoid using tripod or stand. Alter camera settings to have image stabilization.