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4 min readOct 19, 2023
Fifth Dimension AI Co-Founders Dr. Kate Jarvis & Johnny Morris

Throughout my career as an early stage operator, founder and investor, I’ve spent countless hours pouring over reports, articles, research studies, and data sets, working my way through data rooms or market research, and spinning up investment memos, presentations, business plans, and commentary. While there are parts that are crucial to the investment process and cannot be automated, there are also many parts that leave me pulling my hair out and wishing I could magically pull out the key pieces of information so I can get to the fun part: my analysis. That’s where Fifth Dimension AI steps in to automate the boring parts of jobs in document-heavy industries freeing professionals to generate insights and broadcast their expertise.

Fifth Dimension AI’s first product, AI co-pilot Ellie, is starting with tackling the $3.88tn global real estate market. Why real estate? The document-heavy industry has been waiting on a verticalized AI model suited to their needs as the industry has begun to proactively embrace and adopt new technologies and with early adopters of AI-enabled solutions already seeing returns through implementation of chatbots to handle client communications and HVAC operations.

Ellie solves a key point that has inhibited the adoption of AI into real estate professionals’ day-to-day workflows: Fifth Dimension AI’s Ellie focuses on data security to alleviate concerns around privacy and the ingestion of proprietary documents and data. Ellie is highly trained and finely-tuned to the specific needs of the real estate industry and is poised to supercharge real estate professionals by increasing productivity by 30%.

Now, instead of spending hours combing through a plethora of reports from multiple sources, a team member on the research team can email Ellie with data inputs and questions for specific outputs. Within seconds, Ellie responds back with a summary, tweet, blog post or any other content medium all in the researcher’s firm’s tone of voice.

However, it’s not just real estate where Fifth Dimension AI will make an impact. Ellie is also fine-tuned for finance sectors; Ellie’s integration into email, focus on data security and optimization of data collation and report writing position also make Ellie well-suited for financial applications and finance teams. We’re incredibly excited by the opportunity to watch Fifth Dimension AI and Ellie shape and improve the way analysts work in real estate, finance and any other document-heavy adjacent industry dealing with large amounts of unstructured data.

Heading up Fifth Dimension AI are co-founders Dr. Kate Jarvis (CEO) and Johnny Morris (CPO). This stellar team brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise across real estate, finance and technology. Dr. Kate Jarvis is a large language model wizard with a PhD in Linguistics from Stanford University. She’s spent the past 12 years designing Machine Learning-powered products and bringing them to market, in Chief Product and Technology Officer roles in varied sectors. Johnny has more than a decade of real estate experience which includes roles as Chief Operating Officer at Wayhome and Analytics Director at Countrywide.

While much has been written on the positives, the negatives and the unimaginable possibilities of AI, less has been written on the intricacies of what makes up a great early stage team in this space. There has been no shortage of AI businesses in the frenzy of this year, but as a pre-seed investor where team is critical, we knew we were looking for a team with a mixture of massive ambition while also combined with pragmatism; a team with the actual skills and backgrounds to build novel technology; a team that brought real world experiences of the painpoints themselves and in their network; and a team with a track record of early stage company building. Reading it on paper, it seems impossible. But in co-founders, Kate Jarvis and Johnny Morris, we found a team who remarkably checked all these boxes.

We’re thrilled to co-lead Fifth Dimension AI’s pre-seed round and help fund their mission to, in the words of Dr. Kate Jarvis, “redefine the world of work” and “empower knowledge workers to do their best work and lead happier, purposeful, and more fulfilled lives.”

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