Hong Kong English/Cantonese (XXI)

A swing state that catches all attention during the US presidential election (by its name)

The US presidential election is almost over (what remains are the Trump drama, I guess), so I believe that it is the time to tell you about something related to the states in the USA.

Some Hongkongers said that they have recited the whole map of the US while looking at the election results. Image from Wikimedia Commons.




This page consists of seriously silly topics around linguistics, the Cantonese language, some Hong Kong name/slang explains, translating place/street/station names (mainly in London just because I love that place) as well as some Chinese calligraphy topics like allographs. Enjoy.

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Anthony Li

Anthony Li

男班長 at KisaBBB’s Cantonese 101 (廣東話BB班) on YouTube | Proofreader in Central | Twitter/Instagram: merryanthony

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