This one sparks joy: a red bomb. This one does not spark joy: a green bomb.
Images from Bomberman Wiki and Google image search of “marie kondo meme template”. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

Hong Kong English/Cantonese (XXXVII)

Get Bombed And Celebrate, Or Not

I got “bombed” a few days ago.

Look at the quotation marks, I’m not injured. And I didn’t play any of the Bomberman game series recently, so it isn’t about the gameplay.



This page consists of seriously silly topics around linguistics, the Cantonese language, some Hong Kong name/slang explains, translating place/street/station names (mainly in London just because I love that place) as well as some Chinese calligraphy topics like allographs. Enjoy.

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Anthony Li

男班長 at KisaBBB’s Cantonese 101 (廣東話BB班) on YouTube (discontinued) | Proofreader in Central | Twitter/Instagram: merryanthony