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COVID-19 is Turning ‘Stints’ to Death Sentences

No Mercy for Elderly, Terminally Ill, or Nonviolent Georgians in Prison

Georgia re-opens, but COVID Continues to Claim Lives Behind Bars

Published by ACLU Action. FAIR USE NOTICE.

On March 26th, a 49-year old man housed in Lee State Prison in Leesburg, Georgia died from COVID-19-related complications. Positive…




A collection of essays, testimonials, articles, and explainers about the American criminal legal system, and recent developments related to justice. Or…related to injustice, as it were.

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Simone Chérie

Simone Chérie

Legal Reform Advocate and Perpetual Optimist. 👩🏽‍💻Grad Student @EmoryLaw.

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